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Laser CFX Series

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Canon Laser CFX Series Toner Cartridges

The Canon Laser CFX printer series is the ideal printer to handle any task, whether you're at home or in an office. With quick printing speeds, you can be confident that the documents you need will be crisp and clear. 

If you frequently use your printer, you may already be familiar with the cycle of running out of Canon Laser CFX toner and needing to buy more to print your documents. At SuppliesOutlet, we offer a cost-effective solution to purchasing toner in the form of compatible toner cartridges. Our compatible toner will fit in your Canon Laser CFX Series printer to produce the same high-quality printing job as a name-brand cartridge at a lower cost. Read on to learn more about our line of compatible toners. 

What Toner Is Compatible With the Canon Laser CFX Series?

Compatible toner is a brand new cartridge that may look slightly different than your Canon Laser CFX cartridge. Despite these minor structural differences, your compatible cartridge will still fit in your machine and yield the same number of pages. 

An easy way to think about compatible cartridges is as the generic version of a name-brand ink. Similar to how you may buy generic brands at a grocery store, a third-party company makes ink that produces the same quality at a significantly lower price. 

In addition to not voiding your printer's warranty, a compatible ink cartridge has gone through one cycle of use. A third-party manufacturer will take the cartridge apart and then clean, inspect, make repairs if necessary and put it back together. Since it takes fewer parts to make a compatible ink cartridge, it allows for lower prices. 

How to Replace or Install Toner Cartridges for the Canon Laser CFX Series

If you are new to printer ownership, one of the more daunting tasks can be replacing the toner in your printer. Knowing the correct installation procedure will protect your printer from damage due to incorrect installation and keep your home or office running smoothly. When your toner needs replacing, a message will appear on the screen of your printer to alert you.

Before replacing the cartridge, make sure the toner is evenly spread throughout. While in use, the toner may settle unevenly in your Canon Laser CFX cartridge and cause the sensor to indicate that the cartridge is empty.

To check if your toner has become unevenly distributed, open the printer door and grab the handle of your current toner cartridge and lift it to remove it. Gently rock the cartridge back and forth five or six times, place it back inside the printer, and close the door. After closing the door, the replace toner notice on your printer's screen should no longer appear. If this message remains displayed on your screen, then you will have to replace the toner cartridge entirely by following the steps below: 

  1. Remove any documents from your printer and make sure your printer is on.
  2. Grasp the printer door at both sides and pull it upward.
  3. Grab the handle of the used cartridge and pull it toward you to remove it and set it aside.
  4. Take your new cartridge from the bag and gently rock it from side to side five or six times before placing it on a flat surface and removing the seal with a firm, even pull. 
  5. Hold the cartridge by the handle and align the cartridge with the arrows printed on the sides of the printer before firmly clicking it into position. 
  6. Close the printer door and resume printing as normal. 

Why Buy Compatible Toner for the Canon Laser CFX Series?

Your printer needs toner to help you carry out the daily needs of your home or office. Buying toner, however, is often an expensive aspect of owning a printer. You may even find yourself spending more on toner than you spent on the printer itself. 

Many printer companies utilize a business model in which they reduce the price of their printers while increasing the cost of the ink needed to use the printer to make a profit. This business model often makes it hard to find ink at low prices, even with a coupon or discount. However, at SuppliesOutlet, you'll find cheaper alternatives through compatible toners that allow our customers to save as much money as possible. 

When you shop with us, you can be confident our toner will produce a printing job of the same quality as a Canon brand toner. In addition, we also offer competitive pricing to help you find the best deals on compatible Canon Laser CFX toner.

100% Guarantee on Our Canon Laser CFX Series Compatible Toner Cartridges

At SuppliesOutlet, we want all of our customers to shop with confidence. We offer a lifetime performance warranty with a 60-day money back guarantee on our compatible and remanufactured products. We also pride ourselves on a hassle-free return policy and will accept unopened compatible toner for up to one year after the purchase date. 

All of our printing products at SuppliesOutlet are made in certified factories following industry standards. Our certified manufacturers continually strive to refine their manufacturing processes to create the best product possible. Shopping with SuppliesOutlet will allow you to find the printer products you need at low prices without sacrificing quality.

Where to Buy Toner for the Canon Laser CFX Series

With over 30 years of experience in the computer supplies and accessories industry, when you shop with SuppliesOutlet, you can be confident that you are purchasing products of the highest quality. We strive to provide our customers with great toner and ink at unbeatable prices. With benefits such as fast shipping times and free shipping for orders over $50, trust SuppliesOutlet for all of your printer needs.

If you have any questions or want to learn more about our products, fill out our contact form today.