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  • How to Refill Brother Ink Cartridges: A Helpful Guide

    How to Refill Brother Ink Cartridges: A Helpful GuideEveryone knows the feeling: You’re midway through printing several papers when your computer suddenly halts. The dreaded message of doom pops onto your computer screen, “you’re out of black ink.” You may be wondering how long inkjet cartridges last but nonetheless, if you’re trying to finish printing off that presentation for work or photos for

  • How to Refill Ink Cartridges for Canon Printer: A Helpful Guide

    How to Refill Ink Cartridges for Canon Printer: A Helpful GuideVery few things are more embarrassing than having to turn in a 10-page paper entirely in magenta. In these moments, my dog ate my homework somehow sounds better than I ran out of black ink. We get it. That’s why knowing how to refill ink cartridges (Canon printers or otherwise) is a vital skill. Although refilling your ink cartridges m

  • How to Tell if an Ink Cartridge is Defective

    How to Tell if an Ink Cartridge is DefectiveThere’s nothing more frustrating than running into printer problems when you’re in a time crunch. Let’s say you have to print a quarterly report, and your meeting is in five minutes. You grab your report only to find a stack of streaky pages. Your panic sets in and you have no idea what to do. If your printer is spitting out streaks and smudges, you may

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Dear Supplies Outlet,
In case no one has told you lately, "you guys rock!" I purchased from you before -- after trying two other "non-HP, but compatible" toner cartridges. Neither worked. Ordered a set on Thursday, it arrived today, Friday, with free shipping. Your cartridge 4-pack was almost half the cost of the "genuine HP" single cartridge. Your products are top-notch, the price can't be beaten, and stellar customer service will keep me coming back 4-ever."


Thank you for your outstanding customer service. I received my two replacement InkJet Cartridges HP#56 Your representatives not only tried to help me fix the defective cartridges, but trusted me to replace them just on my word. You are a wonderful company to deal with. Thank you so much."


I greatly appreciate how easy and smooth this process has been. I highly recommend Supplies Outlet and appreciate you working with us in all of our purchase, returns, and supply needs!"


Just a quick note to say how enormously pleased we were with the level of customer service provided to us by your staff. Our new-ish HP printer needed a set of replacement toner cartridges. The first set that was shipped did not fit. You sent a 2nd set to us pronto – sadly, it also did not fit. Without hesitation, you agreed to send us a 3rd set from a slightly different lot. It fit like a glove. You made it clear to us that your goal was our satisfaction. You succeeded, and we are grateful. Keep up the good work!"

--Howard & Kathryn