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ThinkJet Series

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HP ThinkJet Series Ink Cartridges

When you need quick, quiet and dependable printing, you know you can count on your HP ThinkJet Series printer. This high-quality printer is ideal for home and office use and produces crisp documents with easy-to-read graphics and text.

To ensure your HP ThinkJet printer continues to run optimally, you will need to make sure it has enough ink. However, as you browse for ink cartridges, you may experience difficulty finding ink without going over your budget. One option is to look for cost-effective alternatives, but you may be unsure of where to start. 

For an ink solution you can depend on, shop our selection of compatible ThinkJet ink cartridges at Supplies Outlet. Our selection of cartridges will help you stay within your budget without sacrificing the quality of your prints. Continue reading to learn more about Supplies Outlet and our ink offerings.

What Ink Is Compatible With the HP ThinkJet Series?

Every printer is only compatible with a specific ink cartridge number. This code will be the same for both an HP ink cartridge and a compatible ink cartridge.

The cartridge number for your printer is a code that features your printer's brand name with a series of numbers and, in some cases, letters. One of the easiest ways to find your cartridge series is to look on the side of your printer cartridges in the printer. 

Another way to find your cartridge series is to use the extensive ink database on our website. Just select your printer out of our list of options to see which compatible ink options are available. After receiving your cartridge, you may notice a difference in size or shape when you compare it to your HP cartridge. This change in size is the result of design restrictions set in place by HP but will have no effect on your printer's operations.

How to Replace or Install Ink Cartridges for the HP ThinkJet Series

Since the HP ThinkJet Series is a thermal transfer printer, it operates differently compared to other printer types such as inkjets. Rather than printing directly on paper, the print heads of this printer press a wax-coated ribbon onto the paper. The wax melts to expose the ink, which then transfers to the paper and dries there. 

When you print with thermal ink cartridges, your prints will last longer, and you have the option to print in multiple colors. Since this device does use a ribbon, you will need to replace the thermal transfer cartridge occasionally. Complete the steps below to replace your thermal transfer cartridge:

  1. Lift the lid of your thermal transfer cartridge packaging and remove the cartridge and small connector piece. 
  2. Open the front panel of your printer. 
  3. On the right-hand side, you will see a small latch. Lower this latch and place the connector piece into position on the top area of the latch. Then place your cartridge on the left side of it and put the latch back into position. 
  4. Close the front of the printer. 
  5. Load paper into your printer and continue printing. 

Along with replacing your thermal transfer cartridge, you may also need to perform maintenance. By completing a few easy maintenance steps, you'll be able to have your cartridge last longer and improve its printing quality. 

To check the ink level of the print head, hold the cartridge up and view the bladder inside. While you are handling the cartridge, be sure to avoid touching the face of this cartridge with your fingers. If you see a collapsed bladder, this means the ink supply is empty, and you need to replace the ink cartridge. 

Another maintenance task is to remove any dust that may form on the printer heads after not using your printer for an extended time. Take a tissue and wipe the face of the cartridge. If you continue to notice a decline in printing quality, it may be time to replace your cartridge entirely.

Why Buy Compatible Ink for the HP ThinkJet Series?

As you shop for printer ink, you might notice the high prices of ink while printer prices remain low. As a result, you may have a difficult time finding a discount on ink, even with a coupon. Retailers that offer compatible cartridges, such as Supplies Outlet, do not have the overhead of making printers as well. This allows us to reduce the prices of our high-quality products. 

Your compatible cartridge is a generic option for HP. Purchasing a compatible ink cartridge from Supplies Outlet is a great way to ensure you are receiving a less expensive product without sacrificing page yield or print quality. 

When you purchase from Supplies Outlet, you are making a great choice for yourself and the environment. All our compatible cartridges use new and recycled materials to lower our environmental impact. We also encourage our manufacturers to continually improve their processes to make great products for customers and the environment. 

100% Guarantee on Our HP ThinkJet Series Compatible Ink Cartridges

At Supplies Outlet, our main goal is to connect our customers with great compatible products. We verify the security of our site daily with McAfee secure. We also offer a money back guarantee up to 60 days after purchase and a lifetime performance warranty. We source all of our inks directly from manufacturers that use only the highest-quality materials.

Supplies Outlet has several warehouses around the United States, which gives us the benefit of offering one and two-day shipping. We also offer a hassle-free return policy if you decide you no longer need one of our compatible ink products. If you have a compatible cartridge that is not opened, you may return it as long as a year after purchasing.

Where to Buy Ink for the HP ThinkJet Series

Make Supplies Outlet your go-to retailer for HP ThinkJet series compatible inks. Our associates are knowledgeable and are eager to help you find the best compatible products for your printer. To learn more or if you have any questions about the ordering process, fill out our contact form today!