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HP CopyJet Ink Cartridges

As you work from home or at the office, you know you can rely on your HP CopyJet to help you stay efficient and productive. Despite its compact size, this printer packs a punch with quick printing speeds and its ability to produce crisp, clear documents. 

To keep your printer operating at its best, you need to ensure it has enough ink. As you shop for HP CopyJet ink cartridges, though, finding the supplies you need within your budget may be challenging. You may start looking for cost-effective alternatives — but how can you be confident you're getting a reliable product?

Supplies Outlet offers an ink alternative that will help you stay within budget and produce high-quality prints. Our selection of CopyJet compatible inks will operate in your printer without voiding the warranty. Read on to learn more about our compatible ink options for your CopyJet printer. 

What Ink Is Compatible With the HP CopyJet?

Your printer will only operate with a specific ink cartridge number. To find which compatible cartridge to use in your printer, you need to find the cartridge number. The cartridge number will be the same whether you are using a compatible cartridge or an HP brand cartridge. 

The cartridge number is an easily identifiable code and features the brand name of your printer, followed by a sequence of letters and numbers. One of the easiest methods to find your cartridge number is to open your printer's lid and locate the cartridge number on your current cartridges. 

Supplies Outlet also has an extensive database of compatible inks you can reference to find which ink works in your printer. Select the name and model of your printer such as HP CopyJet M ink or HP CopyJet color ink, for example, to see a list of ink options. Due to patent restrictions, your compatible ink cartridge may look slightly different than an HP cartridge, but your cartridge will still fit and operate in your printer. 

How to Replace or Install Ink Cartridges for the HP CopyJet

Knowing how to replace the ink in your HP CopyJet is an essential aspect of printer ownership. If you notice a decline in your print jobs or your printer stops printing entirely, you will need to replace your ink cartridges. Before replacing your ink cartridges, load your printer with paper to speed up the alignment process afterward. To replace your black or colored ink cartridges, perform the following steps:

  1. Open the ink cartridge door and wait for the carriage to come to a complete stop in the center.
  2. Lightly press down on the cartridge you are replacing and pull it toward you. 
  3. Remove your new cartridge from the package and remove any plastic protective coverings. 
  4. Slide the new cartridge into place until you hear a snapping noise.
  5. Close the door to the ink cartridges.

To align the new cartridge, open the printer software on your computer and select printer actions and maintenance tasks. In the "device services" section, you will see an option to align your ink cartridges. Select this option, and your printer will automatically align the cartridges before printing an alignment page. 

If you find yourself frequently replacing the ink in your printer, there are a few simple ways to make your ink last longer. The first way is to avoid large fonts or printing documents that feature a lot of bold text. Fonts such as Arial use less ink, helping to extend the life of your ink cartridges. 

Another ink-saving method is to check to make sure your printer heads are free of any clogs. As small amounts of ink dry up or dust collects, the nozzles may clog, which can lead to reduced printer performance. When you turn your printer off and on again, it will automatically perform maintenance that can solve most clogging issues. 

Why Buy Compatible Ink for the HP CopyJet?

A typical business method among many printer companies is to charge low prices for their printers while charging high fees for ink. Under this business model, many customers experience difficulties finding the ink they need for home or business use at affordable prices. Companies that sell compatible ink, such as Supplies Outlet, do not have this overhead and can sell their compatible ink at lower costs. 

A compatible cartridge is, essentially, a generic version of HP ink. Like the generic brands you will see at a grocery store or other retailers, a third party will make ink of equal quality to HP ink. When you purchase a compatible ink cartridge from Supplies Outlet, you can be confident that your cartridge will produce the same page yield and print quality as an HP cartridge.

Purchasing a compatible cartridge from Supplies Outlet can help you save money and help save the environment. Our manufacturers are constantly finding new ways to make our products more environmentally friendly. Each compatible ink cartridge we produce uses top quality new and recycled materials.

100% Guarantee on Our HP CopyJet Ink Cartridges

Our goal at Supplies Outlet is to provide a safe, positive shopping experience for all our customers. All transactions on our site are safe with security checks performed daily. We also source all of our ink and toner cartridges from top rated certified manufacturers. 

With our multiple locations around the United States, we can offer fast shipping times for our customers. Returning products with Supplies Outlet is easier than ever as well with our hassle-free return system. If you need to return a compatible product for any reason, we will accept all unopened compatible products up to one year after purchase. 

Where to Buy Ink for the HP CopyJet

Make Supplies Outlet your number one source for all of your HP CopyJet needs. Our team has over 30 years of experience in the industry, making us a reliable source for outstanding service and products. If you'd like to learn more about our products, fill out our contact form today.