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What Paper Is Best to Print Your Resume On?

What Paper Is Best to Print Your Resume On?

Jan 6th 2022

When you apply for a new job, you want to make the best impression. That means submitting a resume that looks professional and will draw the attention of the human resources department. Read on to learn what paper is best to use for printing a resume.

Best Paper to Print Your Resume On

Resume paper is made for the express purpose of printing resumes. It employs a thicker stock than regular paper, so it holds up to wear and tear as potential employers handle or pass around the resume. Additionally, the color of resume paper may be slightly different than standard, making it easier to read. It also presents a professional image.

You should consider three main things when you purchase resume paper:

  • Color: Ivory is the only acceptable alternative to white for resume paper. Other colors can become distracting, and it may be difficult to read the text them.
  • Weight: Weight refers to the thickness of the paper. There are three main weight categories 20lb, 24lb and 32lb. The 20lb is the thinnest paper. Resumes are usually printed on heavier weights.
  • Material: Also called the finish, the material refers to how your resume paper is made. Common finishes include parchment, linen and woven, though the most common is standard cotton paper. 

the best paper for your resume

The Best Paper for Your Resume

While considering all the variables you need to choose from, you can find the best paper for resumes relatively easily. The thickest paper, 32lb, is the best choice. It feels solid and durable, and you get the cleanest look when you print on it. A 24lb paper is slightly thinner, but it is also less expensive if you need to stick to a predetermined budget.

Ivory paper can help your resume stick out from others the HR department considers. It offers a slightly different appearance while still looking professional and impressive.

The best material for resume printing is linen or standard cotton. The selection may depend on your personal preference, but a linen resume looks more impressive. It has a texture that shows you took the time to consider your resume paper.

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