Ink and Toner What Is the Difference

Apr 3rd 2019

Ink and Toner: Which is better?

People always ask what the difference between ink and toner is. ultimately they preform the same function. its a means to transmit data to a page. The difference between ink and toner is subtle yet vast.

Ink and Toner basics

Let’s start with a simple idea, the world of printing can be very similar to different forms of art. There are, pencils, crayons, pens, markers, paint etc. Printing is no different, with print forms such as: ink, Toner, solid ink, and the newest 3D printing. The latter 2 we’ll go over at another time. The focus today is the most popular types in standard ink and toner. Ink is if you could imagine it, a liquid that has a certain color applied to it. Typically Inkjet cartridges come in either black, cyan(blue),Magenta( red),or yellow. Occasionally they come in a single black and a tri-color cartridge. Ink is applied to the paper in a liquid state where it then dries and becomes a “stain” on the paper so to speak.

Toner is the use of a powder substance that comes in different colors(black,cyan, magenta,yellow). The first initial thought when hearing toner is a powered is confusion. most people have no idea it is a powder. how does the power stick to the page? have you ever wondered why when using a laser printer, the paper comes out hot? The process is simple. The paper passes over the drum, the drum applies a static electrical charge to the paper. the toner has iron in it so it sticks to the paper. Afterwards, it is run over by the fuser a super heated roller that burns the toner to the page. Crazy right? toner typically is the less expensive option of the two in terms of cost per page. But what method you choose should depend on what you’re printing. Images are better suited for an inkjet printer. Text and documents are more efficiently printed on a laser printer. Those are some of the main differences between ink and toner.

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