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Supplies Outlet Blog - Printer Ink and Toner Tips and Articles

Can Ink Products Expire?

Mar 31st 2021

Printer ink can come at a real premium, that’s why it’s best to learn about what you’re buying so you don’t waste money. Recent estimates place the cost-per-gallon of printer ink and toner at around $4,700. Whatever you are paying, it may be possible to downsize the expense and avoid unnecessary waste. The following questions and answers can help you develop a strategy for avoiding the losses comm … read more

How to Keep Your Ink From Drying Out

Mar 23rd 2021

This happens to everyone at some point. You try to print something and despite having lots of ink, the document comes out with streaky lines, unclear text, and distorted colors. And of course, this happens when you need to print an important document quickly.  What’s more puzzling is you know that your printer shouldn't be out of ink. Since buying ink, you haven’t printed that much. Ther … read more
Free Printable 2021 Calendar

Free Printable 2021 Calendar

Jan 7th 2021

Printable on 8.5 x 11 letter paper this free 2021 calendar will help you plan out your year. It is not pre-filled and features no ads. The simple design means it won't take up too much ink or toner to print. Click Here to Download … read more

Halloween Scavenger Hunt Bingo for Kids

Oct 29th 2020

Have fun indoors this Halloween with a spooky themed scavenger hunt! Our free printable game is Bingo style and includes decorative items as well as items that can easily be found around the house. Or make your own with the blank version. Both available for free to print at home.Download the free Halloween Scavenger Hunt Bingo game here Download the free (Blank) Halloween Scavenger Hunt Bingo … read more

The Best Printers to Buy in 2020

Sep 28th 2020

Working from home has changed dramatically in 2020. We’re doing more of it, and that means we need robust, reliable printers. You may find yourself competing with your kids for the printer, while you work from home and they’re doing more schoolwork at home than ever before. Supplies Outlet offers toner and ink cartridges for virtually all popular printer models at very competitive prices, and w … read more