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Keeping Your Printer Ink From Drying Out: A Helpful Guide

Jan 28th 2020

The Dreaded Dry CartridgeKnowing that ink cartridge refills are close to the cost of your printer, you should probably try to print conservatively. A concert ticket here, a page to proofread there, maybe an article to send to your grandpa who still doesn’t use email. So it can come as a shock when, one day, you sit down to print your plane tickets and you get a page of striped, faded lines—or wors … read more

How Long Will Ink Last in a Printer?

Jan 28th 2020

The Cost of CartridgesWhen you purchase most items, it’s a one-time transaction. Did you buy a new salad spinner? You’ve got it for life. A new pair of pants? You can wear them ‘til they’re full of holes. But when it comes to some products, there’s a hidden cost. Maybe you’ve encountered this in the world of razors, where the costs of blades quickly surpass that of the razors themselves. Or maybe … read more

What is Printer Ink Made Of?

Jan 23rd 2020

What is Printer Ink Made Of?So, you’re sitting in front of your printer listening to the whirr of its internal mechanics. It’s late. You’ve just finished a thirty-page proposal that needs to be given to five different team members, which means you’re watching one hundred fifty pages be robotically churned out. You start thinking of the big questions in life:How did people function before printers? … read more

How Does an Inkjet Printer Work?

Jan 23rd 2020

Getting to Know Your Inkjet PrinterSo you’re the proud owner of an inkjet printer. You’ve heard there’s no better home printer for color printing your nature photographs, and the price was right. Now, though, you can’t understand why it takes so long to print a single picture, or why replacement cartridges cost as much as the printer itself!If you want a long, happy relationship with your printer, … read more

Does Printer Ink Expire?

Jan 21st 2020

Does Printer Ink Expire? Printer ink is one of those resources that, while seemingly inexpensive, can become costly over time. Everyone is aware that if you use a cartridge enough you’re going to have to replace it. Meaning all you print-happy people out there are probably going to have to budget to keep your ink supply healthy. But how about when it sits idle for months at a time? Apart from bein … read more