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!!DISCONTINUED!! Toshiba AC Adapter (15 Volt, 8 Amps, 120 Watts, 6.3mm x 3.0mm Tip)
!!DISCONTINUED!! Toshiba AC Adapter (15 Volt, 8 Amps, 120 Watts, 6.3mm x 3.0mm Tip)
Price: $39.99

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Item Number: TB05

Product Details
Condition: brand new OEM Equivalent
Output Voltage: 15 Volts
Output Watts: 120 Watts 
Output Amp: 8.0 Amps
Connector Tip Specs: 6.3mm x 3.0mm 
Input Voltage: 100-240V 50/60 Hz (Worldwide Compatible)
Warranty: 1 Year Warranty
NEW TOSHIBA laptop AC adapter rated at 15V, 8.0A, 120W.
Replacement laptop AC adapter is guaranteed to meet or exceed original TOSHIBA laptop AC adapter specifications.
AC adapter is supplied with a U.S. 3-prong power cord.

Replaces the Following Manufacturer Numbers:


Fits the Following Laptop Models:

Satellite A20Satellite A60-692Satellite A75
Satellite A20-S207Satellite A60-CJWSatellite A75-S125
Satellite A20-S208Satellite A60-CJWFSatellite A75-S1251
Satellite A20-S259Satellite A60-JL1Satellite A75-S1252
Satellite A20-S2591Satellite A60-S156Satellite A75-S1253
Satellite A25Satellite A60-S1561Satellite A75-S1254
Satellite A25-S207Satellite A60-S159Satellite A75-S1255
Satellite A25-S208Satellite A60-S1591Satellite A75-S206
Satellite A25-S279Satellite A60-S1591STSatellite A75-S2061
Satellite A25-S2791Satellite A60-S1592STSatellite A75-S209
Satellite A25-S2792Satellite A60-S166Satellite A75-S2091
Satellite A25-S307Satellite A60-S1661Satellite A75-S211
Satellite A25-S308Satellite A60-S1662Satellite A75-S2111
Satellite A30Satellite A60-S1691STSatellite A75-S2112
Satellite A30-203Satellite A60-WM1Satellite A75-S213
Satellite A35Satellite A60-WM1FSatellite A75-S2131
Satellite A35-S159Satellite A65Satellite A75-S226
Satellite A35-S1591Satellite A65-S1062Satellite A75-S2261
Satellite A35-S1592Satellite A65-S1063Satellite A75-S229
Satellite A35-S1593Satellite A65-S1064Satellite A75-S2291
Satellite A35-S209Satellite A65-S1065Satellite A75-S2292
Satellite A35-S2091Satellite A65-S1066Satellite A75-S2293
Satellite A40Satellite A65-S1067Satellite A75-S231
Satellite A40-S161Satellite A65-S1068Satellite A75-S2311
Satellite A40-S1611Satellite A65-S1069Satellite A75-S276
Satellite A40-S161SBSatellite A65-S1070Satellite A75-S2761
Satellite A40-S200 Small BusinessSatellite A65-S109Satellite A75-S2762
Satellite A40-S2001Satellite A65-S1091Satellite P25
Satellite A40-S270Satellite A65-S126Satellite P25-S670
Satellite A40-S270 Small BusinessSatellite A65-S1261Satellite P25-S676
Satellite A40-S2701Satellite A65-S136Satellite P25-S6761
Satellite A45Satellite A65-S1361Satellite P30
Satellite A45-S120Satellite A65-S1362Satellite P30-JC1
Satellite A45-S1201Satellite A65-S1662Satellite P30-JC1FR
Satellite A45-S1202Satellite A65-S1762Satellite P30-MH1
Satellite A45-S121Satellite A70Satellite P30-S609
Satellite A45-S1211Satellite A70-00VSatellite P30-S6362ST
Satellite A45-S130Satellite A70-00VFRSatellite P30-S6363ST
Satellite A45-S1301Satellite A70-DD1Satellite P30-S701TD
Satellite A45-S150Satellite A70-DD1FSatellite P35
Satellite A45-S1501Satellite A70-KL1Satellite P35-S605
Satellite A45-S151Satellite A70-KL1FSatellite P35-S6051
Satellite A45-S1511Satellite A70-ML1Satellite P35-S6052
Satellite A45-S250Satellite A70-ML1FSatellite P35-S609
Satellite A45-S2501Satellite A70-S209Satellite P35-S6091
Satellite A45-S2502Satellite A70-S229Satellite P35-S611
Satellite A60Satellite A70-S2362Satellite P35-S6111
Satellite A60-152Satellite A70-S249Satellite P35-S6112
Satellite A60-155Satellite A70-S2491Satellite P35-S629
Satellite A60-156Satellite A70-S2492STSatellite P35-S6291
Satellite A60-157Satellite A70-S256Satellite P35-S6292
Satellite A60-158Satellite A70-S2561Satellite P35-S631
Satellite A60-173Satellite A70-S259Satellite P35-S6311
Satellite A60-181Satellite A70-S2591Satellite P35-S7012
Satellite A60-191Satellite A70-SC1Satellite Pro A60
Satellite A60-199Satellite A70-SC1FR 
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