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!!DISCONTINUED!! Toshiba AC Adapter, PA2444U/PA3049U (15 Volt, 3 Amp, 45 Watt, 6.3mm x 3.0mm Black Tip)
!!DISCONTINUED!! Toshiba AC Adapter, PA2444U/PA3049U (15 Volt, 3 Amp, 45 Watt, 6.3mm x 3.0mm Black Tip)
Price: $22.99

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Item Number: TB01

Product Details
Condition: brand new OEM Equivalent
Output Voltage: 15 Volts
Output Watts: 45 Watts 
Output Amp: 3.0 Amps
Connector Tip Specs: 6.3mm x 3.0mm Black Round Tip Head 
Input Voltage: 100-240V 50/60 Hz (Worldwide Compatible)
Warranty: 1 Year Warranty
NEW TOSHIBA laptop AC adapter rated at 15V, 3.0A, 45W.
Replacement laptop AC adapter is guaranteed to meet or exceed original TOSHIBA laptop AC adapter specifications.
AC adapter is supplied with a U.S. 3-prong power cord.

Replaces the Following Manufacturer Numbers:


Fits the Following Laptop Models:

Satellite 220Satellite 2515035Satellite 4020c0t
Satellite 300Satellite 2515c05/4Satellite 4025c0t
Satellite 310Satellite 2s15ctsSatellite 4030cdt
Satellite 320Satellite 2520cdtSatellite 4060
Satellite 330Satellite 2540cdtSatellite 4070
Satellite 1555035Satellite 2545c0tSatellite 4080c0t
Satellite 2060Satellite 2550Satellite 4o9oxdvd
Satellite 1410�5173Satellite 2s9ocdtSatellite 4100xdvd
Satellite 1410�S174Satellite 2590035Satellite 4320zdv0
Satellite 1415�S173Satellite 2590xdv0Satellite 4340zdv0
Satellite 1415�5174Satellite 2600 SeriesSatellite 4360z0v0
Satellite 1800 SeriesSatellite 2610Satellite 4600
Satellite 1800�5202Satellite 2610dv0Satellite 5000 Series
Satellite 1800�S204Satellite 2615dvdSatellite 5005�5504
Satellite 1800�S254Satellite 2650Satellite 5100
Satellite 1805Satellite 2655xdvdSatellite 5105�5502
Satellite 1805�S204Satellite 2670Satellite 5105�5607
Satellite 1805�S254Satellite 2710Satellite 5105�S608
Satellite 1805�5274Satellite 2715flv0Satellite 5l05�S702
Satellite 2100Satellite 2740Satellite 4000 Series
Satellite 2100cdsSatellite 2750Satellite 4200
Satellite 2100cdtSatellite 2770Satellite 42600vd
Satellite 2100cdxSatellite 2800Satellite 4280xdv0
Satellite 2105c05Satellite 2800�S201Satellite 4280z0v0
Satellite 21ocdtSatellite 2800�S202Satellite 4600
Satellite 2115035Satellite 2805Satellite 6000
Satellite 2l40xcd5Satellite 2805�3201Satellite 6000 Series
Satellite 2180c0tSatellite 2805�S202Satellite T2100cdx
Satellite 22l0cdtSatellite 2805�S301Satellite 75ocdm
Satellite 2210xcd5Satellite 2805�S302Satellite 7socds
Satellite 2230Satellite 2805�5401Satellite 7socdt
Satellite 2250cdtSatellite 2805�S402Satellite 7500v0
Satellite 2250xc05Satellite 2805�3503Satellite 780
Satellite 2410 Small Business SeriesSatellite 4000035Satellite 78ocdm
Satellite 2410�5203Satellite 4000c0tSatellite 780cdv
Satellite 2410�5204Satellite 4010035Satellite 78odvd
Satellite 2410�S205Satellite 4o1ocdtSatellite 8000
Satellite 2410�3206Satellite 4015035Satellite 8100
Satellite 2500c0tSatellite 4015c0tSatellite 8200
Satellite 2505cdt  
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