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!!DISCONTINUED!! 3 In 1 Universal AC Adapter With 10 Tips For Home, Work and Auto - 110 Volt & 12 Volt (15 to 24 Volts, 90 watts)
!!DISCONTINUED!! 3 In 1 Universal AC Adapter With 10 Tips For Home, Work and Auto - 110 Volt & 12 Volt (15 to 24 Volts, 90 watts)
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Price: $59.99

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Item Number: UNVAC

Product Details
Condition: brand new
Voltage: 15 to 24 Volts
Capacity: 90 Watts 
Type: 12 Volt & 110 Volt
100% New Universal 3 In 1 AC and Auto Adapter Includes 10 Tips and adjusts from 15 to 24 Volts making it compatible with over 90% of the laptops on the market, including all "round style" plug in connector and Dell 3 pin plug in connector. Will fit many more laptop models than are listed below. Also has built-in USB Port to power your USB devices(5 Volts).
Warranty: 1 Year Warranty

3 In 1 AC Adapter is guaranteed to meet or exceed original AC Adapter specifications.

Replaces the Following Manufacturer Numbers:

Apple 6613048IBM 02K6746Toshiba P000365250
Apple A1036IBM 02K6749Toshiba P000372400
Apple ACD56IBM 02K6756Toshiba P000376670
Apple M4328IBM 08K8205Toshiba P000378580
Apple M7332IBM 22P9010Toshiba P000380820
Apple M8482IBM 73G1819Toshiba P000381830
Dell 310-4615Sony ACC25Toshiba P000382130
Dell ACC52HSony PCGA-AC16V1Toshiba P000383880
Dell OR334Sony PCGA-AC16V3Toshiba P000399940
Dell PA9Sony PCGA-AC16V4Toshiba P000443390
HP 101094Sony PCGA-AC16V6Toshiba P000445140
HP 101898-001Sony PCGAAC19V3Toshiba P000445890
HP 101898-001Sony PCGA-AC19V3Toshiba P000445910
HP 239425-002Sony VGP-AC16V8Toshiba P000512620
HP 239427-001Toshiba A000001200Toshiba P000512630
HP 239428-001Toshiba A000001210Toshiba P000515870
HP 239704-001Toshiba A000007020Toshiba P000515880
HP 239705-001 2Toshiba A000007030Toshiba PA2440U
HP 265602-001Toshiba ACB20Toshiba PA244OU
HP 283884-001Toshiba ACC10Toshiba PA2450U
HP 285288-001Toshiba ACC10HToshiba PA245OU
HP 316682-003Toshiba K000000550Toshiba PA2484U
HP 316688-001Toshiba K000002140Toshiba PA2484U
HP 316688-002Toshiba K000004120Toshiba PA3049U-1ACA
HP 316688-003Toshiba K000004590Toshiba PA3049U-1ACA
HP 317188-001Toshiba K000005050Toshiba PA3164U-1ACA
HP 319860-001Toshiba K000019570Toshiba PA3165U-1ACA
HP 344895-001Toshiba K000025320Toshiba PA3241U1ACA
HP 346958-001Toshiba K000027270Toshiba PA3241U-ACA
HP 347438-001Toshiba K000029300Toshiba PA3283U-3ACA
HP 350221-001Toshiba K000032420Toshiba PA3283U-5ACA
HP 350775-001Toshiba K000032580Toshiba PA3380E-1ACA
HP 371790-001Toshiba K000040250Toshiba PA3380U-1ACA
HP 371790-001Toshiba K000040270Toshiba PA3396U-1ACA
HP 380467-00Toshiba K000040290Toshiba PA3432E-1AC3
HP 380467-001Toshiba K000040460Toshiba PA3432E-1ACA
HP 381090-001Toshiba K000041670Toshiba PA3432U-1AC3
HP 383494-001Toshiba K000042840Toshiba PA3432U-1ACA
HP 402018-001Toshiba K000043490Toshiba PA3467U-1ACA
HP B65602-001Toshiba K000043680Toshiba PA3468E
HP DC359AToshiba K000060880Toshiba PA3468E-1ACA
HP DC359A#ABAToshiba K000066450Toshiba PA3468U
HP DL606AToshiba K000826160Toshiba PA3468U-1ACA
HP DL606A#ABAToshiba K000831950Toshiba PA3468U-1ACA
HP PPP009LToshiba P000309270Toshiba PA3516U-1ACA
IBM 02K6657Toshiba P000337890Toshiba V000055210
IBM 02K6665Toshiba P000363750Toshiba V000055400
IBM 02K6677Toshiba P000363960Toshiba V000061
IBM 02K6699  

Fits the Following Laptop Models:

Apple Aluminum PowerBook G4 15 inch Combo driveHP Pavilion ZE5475CASony Vaio VGN-S3XP
Apple iBook 12 inchHP Pavilion ZE5475FSony Vaio VGN-S50B
Apple iBook 14.1 inchHP Pavilion ZE5478CLSony Vaio VGN-S51B
Apple iBook 32 VRAMHP Pavilion ZE5490USSony Vaio VGN-S52B
Apple iBook Crystal WhiteHP Pavilion ZE5560Sony Vaio VGN-S53B
Apple iBook Dual USB 12 InchHP Pavilion ZE5570USSony Vaio VGN-S62PS
Apple iBook G3 12 inchHP Pavilion ZE5580USSony Vaio VGN-S62PSY1
Apple iBook G4 12 InchHP Pavilion ZE5602Sony Vaio VGN-S62PSY2
Apple iBook G4 14 inchHP Pavilion ZE5604RSSony Vaio VGN-S62PSY3
Apple iBook Late 2001 ModelHP Pavilion ZE5607WMSony Vaio VGN-S62PSY4
Apple iBook M8861LLAHP Pavilion ZE5615SRSony Vaio VGN-S62S
Apple iBook Opaque White 16 VRAMHP Pavilion ZE5620USSony Vaio VGN-S70B
Apple iBook Snow WhiteHP Pavilion ZE5630USSony Vaio VGN-S71PB
Apple iBook White 12 InchHP Pavilion ZE5700Sony Vaio VGN-S72PB
Apple iBook White 14 inchHP Pavilion ZE5715CASony Vaio VGN-S73PB
Apple PowerBook G4 12 InchHP Pavilion ZE5720USSony Vaio VGN-S90PS
Apple PowerBook G4 M8858LL AHP Pavilion ZE5730USSony Vaio VGN-S90S
Apple PowerBook G4 TitaniumHP Pavilion ZE5738RSSony Vaio VGN-S91PS
Compaq Armada E500HP Pavilion ZTSony Vaio VGN-S91PSY
Compaq Armada M700HP Pavilion ZT1000Sony Vaio VGN-S91S
Compaq Armada V300HP Pavilion ZT1100 through ZT1195Sony Vaio VGN-S92PS
Compaq EVO N1000HP Pavilion ZT1200 through ZT1290Sony Vaio VGN-S92PSY
Compaq EVO N1000 SeriesHP Pavilion ZT4000Sony Vaio VGN-S92S
Compaq EVO N160IBM ThinkPad 390Sony Vaio VGN-S93PS
Compaq EVO N160IBM ThinkPad 560Sony Vaio VGN-S93PSY
Compaq EVO N400CIBM ThinkPad 600Sony Vaio VGN-S93S
Compaq EVO N410CIBM ThinkPad A20Sony Vaio VGN-T130FP
Compaq EVO N600IBM ThinkPad A22Sony Vaio VGN-T140P
Compaq EVO N610CIBM ThinkPad A30Sony Vaio VGN-T15
Compaq EVO N620CIBM ThinkPad A31Sony Vaio VGN-T150
Compaq EVO N800IBM ThinkPad i1700Sony Vaio VGN-T16
Compaq EVO N800IBM ThinkPad i1720Sony Vaio VGN-T160P
Compaq EVO N800IBM ThinkPad i1721Sony Vaio VGN-T17
Compaq Presario 100CAIBM ThinkPad R30Sony Vaio VGN-T170P
Compaq Presario 1100IBM ThinkPad R31Sony Vaio VGN-T240P
Compaq Presario 1200IBM ThinkPad R32Sony Vaio VGN-T250
Compaq Presario 12XLIBM ThinkPad R40Sony Vaio VGN-T260P
Compaq Presario 1600IBM ThinkPad R50Sony Vaio VGN-T26SP
Compaq Presario 1700IBM ThinkPad R51Sony Vaio VGN-T27
Compaq Presario 1700IBM ThinkPad R52Sony Vaio VGN-T270P
Compaq Presario 17XLIBM ThinkPad T20Sony Vaio VGN-T2P
Compaq Presario 17XLIBM ThinkPad T21Sony Vaio VGN-T2XP
Compaq Presario 1800IBM ThinkPad T22Sony Vaio VGN-T2XP
Compaq Presario 18XLIBM ThinkPad T23Sony Vaio VGN-T30B
Compaq Presario 2100IBM ThinkPad T30Sony Vaio VGN-T30B
Compaq Presario 2500IBM ThinkPad T40Sony Vaio VGN-T340P
Compaq Presario 2800IBM ThinkPad T41Sony Vaio VGN-T350
Compaq Presario 2800IBM ThinkPad T42Sony Vaio VGN-T360P
Compaq Presario 2940IBM ThinkPad T43Sony Vaio VGN-T36SP
Compaq Presario B1000IBM ThinkPad X20Sony Vaio VGN-T37
Compaq Presario B1010IBM ThinkPad X21Sony Vaio VGN-T370P
Compaq Presario B1011IBM ThinkPad X22Sony Vaio VGN-T50B
Compaq Presario B1013IBM ThinkPad X23Sony Vaio VGN-T51
Compaq Presario B1015IBM ThinkPad X24Sony Vaio VGN-T52
Compaq Presario B1800 through B1820IBM ThinkPad X30Sony Vaio VGN-T70
Compaq Presario B3800IBM ThinkPad X31Sony Vaio VGN-T71
Compaq Presario B3800 through B3829IBM ThinkPad X40Sony Vaio VGN-T72
Compaq Presario V1000IBM ThinkPad X41Sony Vaio VGN-T90PS
Compaq Presario V1000Satellite 6000Sony Vaio VGN-T90PSY
Compaq Presario V1001 through V1075Sony PCG-FR77Sony Vaio VGN-T90S
Compaq Presario V1001 through V1075Sony PCG-GR110Sony Vaio VGN-T91PS
Compaq Presario V1100Sony PCG-GR77BSony Vaio VGN-T91PSY
Compaq Presario V1100Sony PCG-GR88GSony Vaio VGN-T91S
Compaq Presario V1100 through V1135Sony PCG-GRTSony Vaio VGN-T92PS
Compaq Presario V1101 through V1135Sony PCG-GRVSony Vaio VGN-T92PSY
Compaq Presario V1101 through V1135Sony PCG-GRXSony Vaio VGN-T92S
Compaq Presario X1000Sony Sony PCG-FR55Sony Vaio VGN-TX15C/W
Compaq Presario X1010USSony Sony Vaio PCG-700Sony Vaio VGN-TX16
Compaq Presario X1012Sony Sony Vaio Sony PCG-672RSony Vaio VGN-TX17
Compaq Presario X1015USSony Sony Vaio Sony PCG-V505Sony Vaio VGN-TX1H
Compaq Presario X1030USSony Sony Vaio Sony PCG-Z1VAPSony Vaio VGN-TX1XP
Compaq Presario X1050USSony Vaio PCG-705Sony Vaio VGN-TX1XP
Compaq Presario X1220USSony Vaio PCG-707Sony Vaio VGN-TX1XP
Compaq Presario X1360USSony Vaio PCG-711Sony Vaio VGN-TX25
Dell Inspiron 1100Sony Vaio PCG-713Sony Vaio VGN-TX26
Dell Inspiron 1150Sony Vaio PCG-715Sony Vaio VGN-TX27
Dell Inspiron 2500Sony Vaio PCG-717Sony Vaio VGN-TX28
Dell Inspiron 2600Sony Vaio PCG-719Sony Vaio VGN-TX2HP
Dell Inspiron 2650Sony Vaio PCG-721Sony Vaio VGN-TX2XP
Dell Inspiron 3700Sony Vaio PCG-723Sony Vaio VGN-TX2XP
Dell Inspiron 3800Sony Vaio PCG-726Sony Vaio VGN-TX36
Dell Inspiron 4000Sony Vaio PCG-729Sony Vaio VGN-TX37
Dell Inspiron 4100Sony Vaio PCG-731Sony Vaio VGN-TX38CP
Dell Inspiron 4150Sony Vaio PCG-732Sony Vaio VGN-TX3HP
Dell Inspiron 5100Sony Vaio PCG-733Sony Vaio VGN-TX3XP
Dell Inspiron 5150Sony Vaio PCG-735Sony Vaio VGN-TX3XP
Dell Inspiron 5160Sony Vaio PCG-737Sony Vaio VGN-TX50B
Dell Inspiron 8000Sony Vaio PCG-745Sony Vaio VGN-TX51B
Dell Inspiron 8100Sony Vaio PCG-747Sony Vaio VGN-TX52B
Dell Inspiron 8200Sony Vaio PCG-748Sony Vaio VGN-TX610
Dell Latitude 100LSony Vaio PCG-762Sony Vaio VGN-TX630
Dell Latitude CSony Vaio PCG-764Sony Vaio VGN-TX650
Dell Latitude C400Sony Vaio PCG-766Sony Vaio VGN-TX651PB
Dell Latitude C500Sony Vaio PCG-767Sony Vaio VGN-TX670
Dell Latitude C510Sony Vaio PCG-777Sony Vaio VGN-TX670P
Dell Latitude C540Sony Vaio PCG-800Sony Vaio VGN-TX72
Dell Latitude C600Sony Vaio PCG-803Sony Vaio VGN-TX750
Dell Latitude C610Sony Vaio PCG-808Sony Vaio VGN-TX770
Dell Latitude C640Sony Vaio PCG-812Sony Vaio VGN-TX790P
Dell Latitude C800Sony Vaio PCG-818Sony Vaio VGN-TX800
Dell Latitude C810Sony Vaio PCG-838Sony Vaio VGN-TX850PB
Dell Latitude C840Sony Vaio PCG-8401Sony Vaio VGN-TX90PS
Dell Latitude CPSony Vaio PCG-8412Sony Vaio VGN-TX90S
Dell Latitude CPiSony Vaio PCG-861Sony Vaio VGN-TX91PS
Dell Latitude CpjaSony Vaio PCG-862Sony Vaio VGN-TX91S
Dell Latitude CpjbaSony Vaio PCG-864Sony Vaio VGN-TX92PS
Dell Latitude CpjtSony Vaio PCG-868Sony Vaio VGN-TX92S
Dell Latitude CPmSony Vaio PCG-881Sony Vaio VGN-TXN15
Dell Latitude CPTSony Vaio PCG-883Sony Vaio VGN-TXN17P
Dell Latitude CPXSony Vaio PCG-887Sony Vaio VGN-TXN19P
Dell Latitude PP01Sony Vaio PCG-887Sony Vaio VGN-Y18GP
Dell Latitude PPLSony Vaio PCG-888Sony Vaio VGN-Y70P
Dell Latitude PPXSony Vaio PCG-900Sony Vaio VGN-Y90PSY1
Dell Latitude X200Sony Vaio PCG-900Sony Vaio VGN-Y90PSY2
Dell Precision M40Sony Vaio PCG-9201Toshiba DynaBook AW2
Dell Precision M50Sony Vaio PCG-9211Toshiba DynaBook AX/2
DynaBook TW/750LSSony Vaio PCG-9221Toshiba DynaBook AX/3
HP Business Notebook N1050vSony Vaio PCG-9241Toshiba DynaBook CX/47A
HP Business Notebook NC4000Sony Vaio PCG-9242Toshiba DynaBook T2/485
HP Business Notebook NC4010Sony Vaio PCG-9251Toshiba DynaBook T3/410PME
HP Business Notebook NC6000Sony Vaio PCG-933AToshiba DynaBook T3/480CME
HP Business Notebook NC6000Sony Vaio PCG-9401Toshiba DynaBook T4/410PME
HP Business Notebook NC6000Sony Vaio PCG-9411Toshiba DynaBook T4/495CME
HP Business Notebook NC8000Sony Vaio PCG-9422Toshiba DynaBook T5/512CME
HP Business Notebook NC8000Sony Vaio PCG-945AToshiba DynaBook T5/X17pmE
HP Business Notebook NW8000Sony Vaio PCG-954AToshiba DynaBook T6/518CDE
HP Business Notebook NW8000Sony Vaio PCG-955AToshiba DynaBook T6/518CME
HP Business Notebook NX4800Sony Vaio PCG-961AToshiba DynaBook Toshiba Satellite 1800
HP Business Notebook NX5000Sony Vaio PCG-962AToshiba DynaBook Toshiba Satellite 1850
HP Business Notebook NX5000Sony Vaio PCG-971LToshiba DynaBook Toshiba Satellite 1860
HP Business Notebook NX7100Sony Vaio PCG-973LToshiba DynaBook Toshiba Satellite 1870
HP Business Notebook NX7200Sony Vaio PCG-974LToshiba DynaBook Toshiba Satellite AW3
HP Business Notebook NX9000Sony Vaio PCG-9830Toshiba DynaBook TX/66A
HP Business Notebook NX9000Sony Vaio PCG-983LToshiba DynaBook TX/67A
HP Business Notebook NX9005Sony Vaio PCG-992LToshiba DynaBook TX/67A
HP Business Notebook NX9005Sony Vaio PCG-993LToshiba DynaBook TX/870lLSFIFA
HP Business Notebook NX9008Sony Vaio PCG-995LToshiba DynaBook TX/880LS
HP Business Notebook NX9008Sony Vaio PCG-9A2LToshiba DynaBook TX/980LS
HP Business Notebook NX9010Sony Vaio PCG-9B2LToshiba DynaBook VX/4
HP Business Notebook NX9010Sony Vaio PCG-9B2LToshiba DynaBook VX/5
HP Business Notebook NX9020Sony Vaio PCG-9B5LToshiba DynaBook VX/780LS
HP Business Notebook NX9020Sony Vaio PCG-9E1LToshiba Equium A100
HP Business Notebook NX9030Sony Vaio PCG-9P2LToshiba Equium A100-147
HP Business Notebook NX9030Sony Vaio PCG-FToshiba Equium A100-306
HP Business Notebook NX9040Sony Vaio PCG-F14Toshiba Equium A100-337
HP Business Notebook NX9040Sony Vaio PCG-F150Toshiba Equium A100-338
HP Business Notebook NX9050Sony Vaio PCG-F16Toshiba Equium A110
HP Business Notebook NX9050Sony Vaio PCG-F160Toshiba Equium A60
HP Business NoteBook NX9500Sony Vaio PCG-F180Toshiba Equium L20
HP Business Notebook NX9905Sony Vaio PCG-F190Toshiba Equium M50
HP Business Notebook NX9905Sony Vaio PCG-F20Toshiba Equium M70
HP OmniBook 6000Sony Vaio PCG-F200Toshiba Portege 4000
HP OmniBook 6100Sony Vaio PCG-F20BPToshiba Portege 4005
HP OmniBook XESony Vaio PCG-F23Toshiba Portege 4010
HP OmniBook XE 4100Sony Vaio PCG-F23Toshiba Portege M100
HP OmniBook XE 4400Sony Vaio PCG-F250Toshiba Portege M200
HP OmniBook XE 4500Sony Vaio PCG-F26Toshiba Portege M205
HP OmniBook XE2Sony Vaio PCG-F270Toshiba Portege M300
HP OmniBook XE3Sony Vaio PCG-F280Toshiba Portege M300-100
HP OmniBook XT6200Sony Vaio PCG-F290Toshiba Portege M400 Tablet PC
HP Pavilion 6000Sony Vaio PCG-F305Toshiba Portege M405
HP Pavilion DV1000Sony Vaio PCG-F34Toshiba Portege M500
HP Pavilion DV1010Sony Vaio PCG-F340Toshiba Portege M500-P140
HP Pavilion DV1040Sony Vaio PCG-F350Toshiba Portege M500-P1401
HP Pavilion DV1130Sony Vaio PCG-F36Toshiba Portege S100
HP Pavilion DV1133Sony Vaio PCG-F360Toshiba Portege S100-112
HP Pavilion DV1150Sony Vaio PCG-F36BPToshiba Portege S100-113
HP Pavilion DV1207Sony Vaio PCG-F37Toshiba Portege S100-133
HP Pavilion DV1217Sony Vaio PCG-F370Toshiba Portege S100-S113TD
HP Pavilion DV1220Sony Vaio PCG-F390Toshiba Qosmio E10
HP Pavilion DV1227Sony Vaio PCG-F400Toshiba Qosmio E15
HP Pavilion DV1240Sony Vaio PCG-F403Toshiba Qosmio E15-AV101
HP Pavilion DV1310Sony Vaio PCG-F420Toshiba Qosmio F10
HP Pavilion DV1311Sony Vaio PCG-F430Toshiba Qosmio F15
HP Pavilion DV1321Sony Vaio PCG-F450Toshiba Qosmio F20
HP Pavilion DV1331Sony Vaio PCG-F480Toshiba Qosmio F25
HP Pavilion DV1340Sony Vaio PCG-F490Toshiba Qosmio F30
HP Pavilion DV1410Sony Vaio PCG-F50Toshiba Qosmio F30
HP Pavilion DV1411Sony Vaio PCG-F520Toshiba Qosmio F30/83A
HP Pavilion DV1420Sony Vaio PCG-F540Toshiba Qosmio F30/83C
HP Pavilion DV1510Sony Vaio PCG-F55Toshiba Qosmio F30/85A
HP Pavilion DV1520Sony Vaio PCG-F560Toshiba Qosmio F30/87
HP Pavilion DV1530Sony Vaio PCG-F57Toshiba Qosmio F30/87ABL
HP Pavilion DV1540Sony Vaio PCG-F570Toshiba Qosmio G10
HP Pavilion DV1580Sony Vaio PCG-F580Toshiba Qosmio G15
HP Pavilion DV1622Sony Vaio PCG-F580KToshiba Qosmio G20
HP Pavilion DV1629Sony Vaio PCG-F590Toshiba Qosmio G25
HP Pavilion DV1648Sony Vaio PCG-F59DKToshiba Satellite 1200
HP Pavilion DV1650Sony Vaio PCG-F6Toshiba Satellite 1400
HP Pavilion DV1657Sony Vaio PCG-F60Toshiba Satellite 1405
HP Pavilion DV1658Sony Vaio PCG-F610Toshiba Satellite 1410
HP Pavilion DV1659Sony Vaio PCG-F630Toshiba Satellite 1415
HP Pavilion DV1660Sony Vaio PCG-F640Toshiba Satellite 1500
HP Pavilion DV1680Sony Vaio PCG-F65Toshiba Satellite 1550
HP Pavilion DV4000Sony Vaio PCG-F650Toshiba Satellite 1555
HP Pavilion DV4030Sony Vaio PCG-F66Toshiba Satellite 1800
HP Pavilion DV4040Sony Vaio PCG-F660Toshiba Satellite 1805
HP Pavilion DV4130Sony Vaio PCG-F670Toshiba Satellite 1806
HP Pavilion DV4150Sony Vaio PCG-F676Toshiba Satellite 1830
HP Pavilion DV4170Sony Vaio PCG-F680Toshiba Satellite 1900
HP Pavilion DV4217CLSony Vaio PCG-F690Toshiba Satellite 1905
HP Pavilion DV4230Sony Vaio PCG-F690KToshiba Satellite 2025
HP Pavilion DV4250Sony Vaio PCG-F696KToshiba Satellite 2060
HP Pavilion DV4269Sony Vaio PCG-F70Toshiba Satellite 2065
HP Pavilion DV4275Sony Vaio PCG-F75Toshiba Satellite 2100
HP Pavilion DV4305Sony Vaio PCG-F76Toshiba Satellite 2105
HP Pavilion DV4307Sony Vaio PCG-F79Toshiba Satellite 2115
HP Pavilion DV4335Sony Vaio PCG-F807KToshiba Satellite 2135
HP Pavilion DV4340Sony Vaio PCG-F808KToshiba Satellite 2140
HP Pavilion DV4405Sony Vaio PCG-F809KToshiba Satellite 2180
HP Pavilion DV4419Sony Vaio PCG-FR102Toshiba Satellite 2210
HP Pavilion DV4420Sony Vaio PCG-FR130Toshiba Satellite 2215
HP Pavilion DV5000Sony Vaio PCG-FR215Toshiba Satellite 2230
HP Pavilion DV5020Sony Vaio PCG-FR295MPToshiba Satellite 225
HP Pavilion DV5030Sony Vaio PCG-FR33Toshiba Satellite 2250
HP Pavilion DV5035Sony Vaio PCG-FR415Toshiba Satellite 230
HP Pavilion DV5115NRSony Vaio PCG-FR55Toshiba Satellite 235
HP Pavilion DV5116NRSony Vaio PCG-FR77EToshiba Satellite 2400
HP Pavilion DV5117CASony Vaio PCG-FRVToshiba Satellite 2405
HP Pavilion DV5120USSony Vaio PCG-FXToshiba Satellite 2410
HP Pavilion DV5129USSony Vaio PCG-FX11Toshiba Satellite 2415
HP Pavilion DV5130USSony Vaio PCG-FX120Toshiba Satellite 250
HP Pavilion DV5135NRSony Vaio PCG-FX140Toshiba Satellite 2500
HP Pavilion DV5139USSony Vaio PCG-FX150Toshiba Satellite 2505
HP Pavilion DV5140USSony Vaio PCG-FX170Toshiba Satellite 2510
HP Pavilion DV5150USSony Vaio PCG-FX190Toshiba Satellite 2515
HP Pavilion DV5163CLSony Vaio PCG-FX200Toshiba Satellite 2520
HP Pavilion DV5170USSony Vaio PCG-FX201Toshiba Satellite 2530
HP Pavilion DV5178USSony Vaio PCG-FX210Toshiba Satellite 2535
HP Pavilion DV5190USSony Vaio PCG-FX215Toshiba Satellite 2540
HP Pavilion DV5215USSony Vaio PCG-FX220Toshiba Satellite 2545
HP Pavilion DV5216CASony Vaio PCG-FX240Toshiba Satellite 2550
HP Pavilion DV5220USSony Vaio PCG-FX250Toshiba Satellite 2590
HP Pavilion DV5230USSony Vaio PCG-FX270Toshiba Satellite 2595
HP Pavilion DV5237CLSony Vaio PCG-FX290Toshiba Satellite 2600
HP Pavilion DV5250USSony Vaio PCG-FX300Toshiba Satellite 2610
HP Pavilion DV8000Sony Vaio PCG-FX310Toshiba Satellite 2615
HP Pavilion DV8110Sony Vaio PCG-FX33Toshiba Satellite 2650
HP Pavilion DV8113Sony Vaio PCG-FX340Toshiba Satellite 2655
HP Pavilion DV8120USSony Vaio PCG-FX370Toshiba Satellite 2670
HP Pavilion DV8125Sony Vaio PCG-FX390Toshiba Satellite 2675
HP Pavilion DV8130USSony Vaio PCG-FX410Toshiba Satellite 2700
HP Pavilion DV8135Sony Vaio PCG-FX50GToshiba Satellite 2710
HP Pavilion DV8210USSony Vaio PCG-FX55Toshiba Satellite 2715
HP Pavilion DV8220USSony Vaio PCG-FX60GToshiba Satellite 2740
HP Pavilion DV8225NRSony Vaio PCG-FX77Toshiba Satellite 2750
HP Pavilion DV8230USSony Vaio PCG-FX770KToshiba Satellite 2755
HP Pavilion DV8233CLSony Vaio PCG-FX776Toshiba Satellite 2770
HP Pavilion DV8235NRSony Vaio PCG-FX777Toshiba Satellite 2775
HP Pavilion DV8280USSony Vaio PCG-FX800Toshiba Satellite 2800
HP Pavilion DV8309USSony Vaio PCG-FX876Toshiba Satellite 2805
HP Pavilion DV8320USSony Vaio PCG-FX877Toshiba Satellite 2900
HP Pavilion DV8327CASony Vaio PCG-FX880Toshiba Satellite 300
HP Pavilion DV8380USSony Vaio PCG-FX90Toshiba Satellite 3000
HP Pavilion N3000Sony Vaio PCG-FX900Toshiba Satellite 3005
HP Pavilion N3100Sony Vaio PCG-FX902PToshiba Satellite 305
HP Pavilion N3110Sony Vaio PCG-FX905PToshiba Satellite 310
HP Pavilion N3150Sony Vaio PCG-FX90BPKToshiba Satellite 315
HP Pavilion N3190Sony Vaio PCG-FX90GToshiba Satellite 320
HP Pavilion N3210Sony Vaio PCG-FX90KToshiba Satellite 325
HP Pavilion N3215Sony Vaio PCG-FX950Toshiba Satellite 330
HP Pavilion N3250Sony Vaio PCG-FX990Toshiba Satellite 335
HP Pavilion N3270Sony Vaio PCG-FX99VToshiba Satellite 400
HP Pavilion N3290Sony Vaio PCG-FXAToshiba Satellite 4000
HP Pavilion N3295Sony Vaio PCG-FXA10Toshiba Satellite 4005
HP Pavilion N3310Sony Vaio PCG-FXA32Toshiba Satellite 4010
HP Pavilion N3330Sony Vaio PCG-FXA33Toshiba Satellite 4015
HP Pavilion N3350Sony Vaio PCG-QR1Toshiba Satellite 4020
HP Pavilion N3370Sony Vaio PCG-QR3Toshiba Satellite 4025
HP Pavilion N3390Sony Vaio PCG-XEToshiba Satellite 4030
HP Pavilion N3400Sony Vaio PCG-XGToshiba Satellite 4035
HP Pavilion N3402Sony Vaio PCG-XR1Toshiba Satellite 4060
HP Pavilion N3410Sony Vaio PCG-XR7Toshiba Satellite 4070
HP Pavilion N3438Sony Vaio PCG-XR9Toshiba Satellite 4080
HP Pavilion N3478Sony Vaio PCG-Z505Toshiba Satellite 4085
HP Pavilion N3490Sony Vaio Sony PCG-672RToshiba Satellite 4090
HP Pavilion N5000Sony Vaio Sony PCG-6C1NToshiba Satellite 4100
HP Pavilion N5125Sony Vaio Sony PCG-6J2LToshi

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