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  HP/Compaq Pavillion TX1000/TX2000/HSTNN-OB37 Series Battery (7.2V, 4400mAh, 4 Cells)

Price: $29.99

Stock Status: In Stock

Item Number: HPTX1000

Product Details

HP Pavilion TX 1000 Battery

Battery for HP Pavilion TX 1000 Technical Specifications:

Conditionbrand new OEM Equivalent✔ Same day shipping for orders placed by 7pm (EST)
✔ 100% New Components - Never refurbished, recycled or used!
✔ "A" Grade Cells
✔ Full year performance guarantee... Buy with CONFIDENCE!
✔ 100% OEM Compatible - Guaranteed to meet the specifications of your original battery or adapter
Voltage7.2 Volts
Capacity4400 mAh
Battery TypeLi-ion 4 Cells

Replaces the Following Manufacturer Numbers:

431325-321 437403-541 HSTNN-OB41 HSTNN-XB41
431325-361 441131-001 HSTNN-UB37 HSTNN-XB76
434045-621 441132-001 HSTNN-UB41 RQ203AA
437403-321 HSTNN-OB37 HSTNN-XB37 RQ204AA
437403-361 HSTNN-OB38    

Fits the Following Laptop Models:

Pavilion TX1000Z Pavilion TX1210ca Pavilion TX1315au Pavilion TX2013au
Pavilion TX1001AU Pavilion TX1210us Pavilion TX1316au Pavilion TX2014au
Pavilion TX1001XX Pavilion TX1211au Pavilion TX1317au Pavilion TX2015au
Pavilion TX1002AU Pavilion TX1212au Pavilion TX1318au Pavilion TX2016au
Pavilion TX1002XX Pavilion TX1213au Pavilion TX1318ca Pavilion TX2017au
Pavilion TX1004AU Pavilion TX1214au Pavilion TX1319au Pavilion TX2018au
Pavilion TX1005AU Pavilion TX1215au Pavilion TX1320au Pavilion TX2019au
Pavilion TX1006AU Pavilion TX1215nr Pavilion TX1320ca Pavilion TX2020au
Pavilion TX1007AU Pavilion TX1216au Pavilion TX1320eg Pavilion TX2020eo
Pavilion TX1008AU Pavilion TX1217au Pavilion TX1320eo Pavilion TX2021au
Pavilion TX1009AU Pavilion TX1217cl Pavilion TX1320er Pavilion TX2022au
Pavilion TX1010AU Pavilion TX1218au Pavilion TX1320es Pavilion TX2023au
Pavilion TX1011AU Pavilion TX1218ca Pavilion TX1320us Pavilion TX2024au
Pavilion TX1012AU Pavilion TX1219au Pavilion TX1321au Pavilion TX2025au
Pavilion TX1013AU Pavilion TX1219us Pavilion TX1325ep Pavilion TX2026au
Pavilion TX1014AU Pavilion TX1220au Pavilion TX1325es Pavilion TX2027au
Pavilion TX1015AU Pavilion TX1220ca Pavilion TX1325nr Pavilion TX2028au
Pavilion TX1016AU Pavilion TX1220us Pavilion TX1327cl Pavilion TX2029au
Pavilion TX1017AU Pavilion TX1221au Pavilion TX1330es Pavilion TX2030au
Pavilion TX1020AU Pavilion TX1222au Pavilion TX1330la Pavilion TX2030ee
Pavilion TX1020EA Pavilion TX1223au Pavilion TX1332la Pavilion TX2030en
Pavilion TX1021AU Pavilion TX1224au Pavilion TX1340ea Pavilion TX2031au
Pavilion TX1030EA Pavilion TX1225au Pavilion TX1340es Pavilion TX2032au
Pavilion TX1030LA Pavilion TX1226au Pavilion TX1345eo Pavilion TX2033au
Pavilion TX1040EA Pavilion TX1228ca Pavilion TX1350ed Pavilion TX2050ea
Pavilion TX1070br Pavilion TX1230la Pavilion TX1350ee Pavilion TX2050ef
Pavilion TX1080EA Pavilion TX1232la Pavilion TX1350ef Pavilion TX2051xx
Pavilion TX1101AU Pavilion TX1240ef Pavilion TX1350el Pavilion TX2052xx
Pavilion TX1102AU Pavilion TX1240er Pavilion TX1350en Pavilion TX2100ed
Pavilion TX1103AU Pavilion TX1250ea Pavilion TX1350er Pavilion TX2100ep
Pavilion TX1104AU Pavilion TX1250ee Pavilion TX1350et Pavilion TX2100er
Pavilion TX1105AU Pavilion TX1250eg Pavilion TX1360er Pavilion TX2101au
Pavilion TX1106AU Pavilion TX1250el Pavilion TX1390ef Pavilion TX2102au
Pavilion TX1107AU Pavilion TX1250en Pavilion TX1401au Pavilion TX2103au
Pavilion TX1110CA Pavilion TX1250eo Pavilion TX1402au Pavilion TX2104au <