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  !!DISCONTINUED!! HP/Compaq TC1000/TC1100/Tablet PC TC100/303175-B25 Series Battery (11.1V, 3600mAh, 6 Cells)

Price: $47.99

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Item Number: HPTC1000

Product Details

Compaq TC1000 Battery

Battery for Compaq TC1000 Technical Specifications:

Conditionbrand new OEM Equivalent✔ Same day shipping for orders placed by 7pm (EST)
✔ 100% New Components - Never refurbished, recycled or used!
✔ "A" Grade Cells
✔ Full year performance guarantee... Buy with CONFIDENCE!
✔ 100% OEM Compatible - Guaranteed to meet the specifications of your original battery or adapter
Voltage11.1 Volts
Capacity3600 mAh
Battery TypeLi-ion 6 Cells

Replaces the Following Manufacturer Numbers:

301956-001 303175-B25 348333-001 DC907A

Fits the Following Laptop Models:

Tablet PC TC100 TC1000-470045-242 TC1000-470060-208 TC1000-DL990A
TC1000 TC1000-470045-243 TC1000-470060-209 TC1100
TC1000-470044-783 TC1000-470045-244 TC1000-470060-210 TC1100-DQ871A
TC1000-470044-784 TC1000-470045-245 TC1000-470060-211 TC1100-DQ873A
TC1000-470044-785 TC1000-470045-246 TC1000-470060-212 TC1100-DU678P
TC1000-470044-786 TC1000-470045-247 TC1000-470060-213 TC1100-DU679P
TC1000-470044-787 TC1000-470045-248 TC1000-470060-214 TC1100-DU682P
TC1000-470044-788 TC1000-470045-249 TC1000-470060-216 TC1100-DU683P
TC1000-470044-790 TC1000-470045-251 TC1000-470060-231 TC1100-DU684P
TC1000-470045-149 TC1000-470045-252 TC1000-470060-232 TC1100-DU685P
TC1000-470045-150 TC1000-470045-253 TC1000-470060-233 TC1100-DU686P
TC1000-470045-152 TC1000-470045-254 TC1000-470060-234 TC1100-DU689P
TC1000-470045-153 TC1000-470046-340 TC1000-470060-235 TC1100-DU705P
TC1000-470045-154 TC1000-470046-341 TC1000-470060-236 TC1100-DU706P
TC1000-470045-155 TC1000-470046-342 TC1000-470060-237 TC1100-DU707P
TC1000-470045-156 TC1000-470046-343 TC1000-470060-242 TC1100-DV467P
TC1000-470045-157 TC1000-470046-344 TC1000-470060-243 TC1100-DX382P
TC1000-470045-204 TC1000-470046-345 TC1000-470060-244 TC1100-DX993PC
TC1000-470045-205 TC1000-470046-346 TC1000-470060-245 TC1100-PN723PA
TC1000-470045-206 TC1000-470046-347 TC1000-470060-246 TC1100-PN730PA
TC1000-470045-207 TC1000-470046-348 TC1000-470060-247 TC1100-PQ155PA
TC1000-470045-208 TC1000-470046-349 TC1000-470060-248 TC1100-PQ157PA
TC1000-470045-209 TC1000-470046-350 TC1000-470060-249 TC1100-PQ173PA
TC1000-470045-210 TC1000-470046-352 TC1000-470060-250 TC1100-PQ239PA
TC1000-470045-211 TC1000-470050-336 TC1000-470060-251 TC1100-PR631PA
TC1000-470045-212 TC1000-470056-156 TC1000-470060-252 TC1100-PT054PA
TC1000-470045-213 TC1000-470059-613 TC1000-470060-286 TC1100-PT055PA
TC1000-470045-236 TC1000-470059-744 TC1000-470060-311 TC1100-PT395PA
TC1000-470045-237 TC1000-470060-199 TC1000-470060-335 TC1100-PT800PA
TC1000-470045-238 TC1000-470060-204 TC1000-470061-021 TC1100-PT802PA
TC1000-470045-239 TC1000-470060-205 TC1000-470061-215 TC1100-PT803PA
TC1000-470045-240 TC1000-470060-206 TC1000-470061-460 TC1100-PT805PA
TC1000-470045-241 TC1000-470060-207 TC1000-DG985A  

Facts About Battery for Compaq TC1000:

  • Our replacement battery for Compaq TC1000 is 100% guaranteed to meet or exceed OEM specifications.
  • Each battery for Compaq TC1000 is factory tested and certified comparable to the OEMs listed above.
  • Installing our batteries will not affect your laptop's warranty. [Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act]

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