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  HP Pavilion DV7 Series, DV8 Series, HDX18 Series Battery (14.4V, 4400mAh, 8 Cells)

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HP Pavilion DV7, DV8, HDX18 Series Battery

Battery for HP Pavilion DV7, DV8, HDX18 Technical Specifications:

Conditionbrand new OEM Equivalent✔ Same day shipping for orders placed by 7pm (EST)
✔ 100% New Components - Never refurbished, recycled or used!
✔ "A" Grade Cells
✔ Full year performance guarantee... Buy with CONFIDENCE!
✔ 100% OEM Compatible - Guaranteed to meet the specifications of your original battery or adapter
Voltage14.4 Volts
Capacity4400 mAh
Battery TypeLi-Ion 8 Cells
Replaces the Following Manufacturer Numbers:
464058-121 464059-161 DYNA-CHA-LOC HSTNN-IB75
464058-141 464059-221 GA04 HSTNN-OB74
464058-161 464059-252 GA06 HSTNN-OB75
464058-251 464059-361 GA06047 HSTNN-Q35C
464058-361 464059-362 GA08 KS525AA
464058-362 480385-001 GA08073 KS525AA#ABA
464059-121 497705-001 HSTNN-C50C NBP6A95
464059-122 509422-001 HSTNN-DB74 NH494AA
464059-141 516354-001 HSTNN-DB75 NH494AA#ABA
464059-142 516355-001 HSTNN-IB74  
Fits the Following Laptop Models:
Note: Does not fit HP Pavilion DV7-4285DX
HDX X18-1000Pavilion DV7-1015txPavilion DV7-1040emPavilion DV7-1090en
HDX X18-1100xPavilion DV7-1016nrPavilion DV7-1040esPavilion DV7-1090er
HDX X18-1200Pavilion DV7-1016txPavilion DV7-1040etPavilion DV7-1093eo
HDX X18-1300Pavilion DV7-1017txPavilion DV7-1040ewPavilion DV7-1094eo
HDX18Pavilion DV7-1018egPavilion DV7-1045egPavilion DV7-1095eo
HDX18-1000Pavilion DV7-1018txPavilion DV7-1045txPavilion DV7-1098eo
HDX18-1001Pavilion DV7-1019txPavilion DV7-1050eaPavilion DV7-1099ef
HDX18-1020Pavilion DV7-1020eaPavilion DV7-1050efPavilion DV7-1100
HDX18-1100Pavilion DV7-1020egPavilion DV7-1050egPavilion DV7-1130US
Pavilion DV7Pavilion DV7-1020elPavilion DV7-1050erPavilion DV7-1132NR
Pavilion DV7/CTPavilion DV7-1020esPavilion DV7-1051xxPavilion DV7-1133CL
Pavilion DV7-1000Pavilion DV7-1020txPavilion DV7-1052xxPavilion DV7-1134
Pavilion DV7-1000eaPavilion DV7-1020usPavilion DV7-1053ezPavilion DV7-1134US
Pavilion DV7-1001eaPavilion DV7-1021txPavilion DV7-1053xxPavilion DV7-1175NR
Pavilion DV7-1001txPavilion DV7-1022txPavilion DV7-1055eaPavilion DV7-1177CA
Pavilion DV7-1001xxPavilion DV7-1023clPavilion DV7-1060ecPavilion DV7-1200
Pavilion DV7-1002eaPavilion DV7-1023emPavilion DV7-1060efPavilion DV7-1240us
Pavilion DV7-1002txPavilion DV7-1023txPavilion DV7-1060enPavilion DV7-1243CL
Pavilion DV7-1002xxPavilion DV7-1024txPavilion DV7-1060epPavilion DV7-1245CA
Pavilion DV7-1003eaPavilion DV7-1025egPavilion DV7-1060ezPavilion DV7-1245DX
Pavilion DV7-1003txPavilion DV7-1025nrPavilion DV7-1065efPavilion DV7-1273CL
Pavilion DV7-1003xxPavilion DV7-1025txPavilion DV7-1070edPavilion DV7-1275DX
Pavilion DV7-1004eaPavilion DV7-1026txPavilion DV7-1070eePavilion DV7-1279WM
Pavilion DV7-1004txPavilion DV7-1027caPavilion DV7-1070efPavilion DV7-2000
Pavilion DV7-1005egPavilion DV7-1027txPavilion DV7-1070egPavilion DV7-2011TX
Pavilion DV7-1005txPavilion DV7-1029txPavilion DV7-1070ekPavilion DV7-2100
Pavilion DV7-1006txPavilion DV7-1030ebPavilion DV7-1070elPavilion DV7-2200
Pavilion DV7-1007txPavilion DV7-1030elPavilion DV7-1070eoPavilion DV7-3000
Pavilion DV7-1008txPavilion DV7-1030enPavilion DV7-1075laPavilion DV7-3100
Pavilion DV7-1009txPavilion DV7-1030epPavilion DV7-1080edPavilion DV7T
Pavilion DV7-1010etPavilion DV7-1030txPavilion DV7-1080elPavilion DV7t-1000
Pavilion DV7-1010txPavilion DV7-1031txPavilion DV7-1080eoPavilion DV7Z
Pavilion DV7-1011txPavilion DV7-1034caPavilion DV7-1080esPavilion DV7Z-1000
Pavilion DV7-1012txPavilion DV7-1035efPavilion DV7-1080ewPavilion DV8
Pavilion DV7-1013txPavilion DV7-1035emPavilion DV7-1080ezPavilion DV8-1000
Pavilion DV7-1014caPavilion DV7-1038caPavilion DV7-1090ebPavilion DV8T
Pavilion DV7-1014txPavilion DV7-1040ecPavilion DV7-1090edPavilion DV8T-1000
Pavilion DV7-1015egPavilion DV7-1040ef
Facts About Battery for HP DV7, DV8, HDX18:
  • Our replacement battery for HP DV7 / DV8 / HDX18 is 100% guaranteed to meet or exceed OEM specifications.
  • Each battery for DV7 / DV8 / HDX18 is factory tested and certified comparable to the OEMs listed above.
  • Installing our batteries will not affect your laptop's warranty. [Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act]

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