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!!DISCONTINUED!! HP Pavilion DV1000/DV5000/ZE2000 Series Battery (10.8V, 4400mAh, 6 Cells)
!!DISCONTINUED!! HP Pavilion DV1000/DV5000/ZE2000 Series Battery (10.8V, 4400mAh, 6 Cells)
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Item Number: HPDV1000

Product Details

HP Pavilion DV1000/DV5000/ZE2000 Series Battery

Battery for HP Pavilion DV1000/DV5000/ZE2000 Technical Specifications:

Conditionbrand new OEM Equivalent✔ Same day shipping for orders placed by 7pm (EST)
✔ 100% New Components - Never refurbished, recycled or used!
✔ "A" Grade Cells
✔ Full year performance guarantee... Buy with CONFIDENCE!
✔ 100% OEM Compatible - Guaranteed to meet the specifications of your original battery or adapter
Voltage10.8 Volts
Capacity4400 mAh
Battery TypeLi-Ion 6 Cells
(12 Cell also available)
Replaces the Following Manufacturer Numbers:
Fits the Following Laptop Models:
Business Notebook NX4800Pavilion DV1727TUPavilion DV5125TXPresario B1818
Business Notebook NX7100Pavilion DV1728TUPavilion DV5126EAPresario B1819
Business NoteBook NX7200Pavilion DV1729TUPavilion DV5126TXPresario B1820
Pavilion DV1000Pavilion DV1730LAPavilion DV5161EUPresario B3800
Pavilion DV1007APPavilion DV1730TUPavilion DV5162EAPresario B3801
Pavilion DV1008APPavilion DV1731TUPavilion DV5162EUPresario B3802
Pavilion DV1010CAPavilion DV1732TUPavilion DV5163CLPresario B3803
Pavilion DV1011APPavilion DV1733TUPavilion DV5166EAPresario B3804
Pavilion DV1040CAPavilion DV1734TUPavilion DV5167CLPresario B3805
Pavilion DV1040USPavilion DV1735TUPavilion DV5170USPresario B3806
Pavilion DV1134APPavilion DV1736TUPavilion DV5171EUPresario B3807
Pavilion DV1135APPavilion DV4000Pavilion DV5174EUPresario B3808
Pavilion DV1240CAPavilion DV4007APPavilion DV5175EAPresario B3809
Pavilion DV1302APPavilion DV4017APPavilion DV5176EAPresario B3810
Pavilion DV1303APPavilion DV4018APPavilion DV5176EUPresario B3811
Pavilion DV1309APPavilion DV4021EAPavilion DV5178USPresario B3812
Pavilion DV1315CLPavilion DV4030CAPavilion DV5179EAPresario B3813
Pavilion DV1317APPavilion DV4030EAPavilion DV5180EAPresario B3814
Pavilion DV1327APPavilion DV4040CAPavilion DV5184EAPresario B3815
Pavilion DV1330CAPavilion DV4045EAPavilion DV5188EAPresario B3816
Pavilion DV1331SEPavilion DV4070EAPavilion DV5189EUPresario B3817
Pavilion DV1710USPavilion DV4114APPavilion DV5189XXPresario B3818
Pavilion DV1711TUPavilion DV4115APPresario B1800Presario B3819
Pavilion DV1712USPavilion DV4200Presario B1801Presario B3820
Pavilion DV1713TUPavilion DV5000Presario B1802Presario B3821
Pavilion DV1714TUPavilion DV5117CAPresario B1803Presario B3822
Pavilion DV1715TUPavilion DV5117CLPresario B1804Presario B3823
Pavilion DV1716TUPavilion DV5117EUPresario B1805Presario B3824
Pavilion DV1717TUPavilion DV5117TXPresario B1806Presario B3825
Pavilion DV1718TUPavilion DV5119EUPresario B1807Presario B3826
Pavilion DV1719TUPavilion DV5119TXPresario B1808Presario B3827
Pavilion DV1720LAPavilion DV5120EAPresario B1809Presario B3828
Pavilion DV1720TUPavilion DV5120EUPresario B1810Presario B3829
Pavilion DV1721LAPavilion DV5120USPresario B1811Presario C300
Pavilion DV1721TUPavilion DV5121EAPresario B1812Presario C500
Pavilion DV1722TUPavilion DV5121EUPresario B1813Presario M2000
Pavilion DV1723TUPavilion DV5123CLPresario B1814Presario V2000
Pavilion DV1724TUPavilion DV5123EAPresario B1815Presario V4000
Pavilion DV1725TUPavilion DV5123TXPresario B1816Presario V5000
Pavilion DV1726TUPavilion DV5125EUPresario B1817
Facts About Battery for HP DV1000, DV5000, ZE2000:
  • Our replacement battery for HP DV1000 / DV5000 / ZE2000 is 100% guaranteed to meet or exceed OEM specifications.
  • Each battery for DV1000 / DV5000 / ZE2000 is factory tested and certified comparable to the OEMs listed above.
  • Installing our batteries will not affect your laptop's warranty. [Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act]