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  Automatic Ink Refill Machine Starter Kit For HP No. 21, 22, 27, 28, 56 & 57 Cartridges (Includes Ink)
Automatic Ink Refill Machine Starter Kit For HP No. 21 & 27 Cartridges (Includes Ink)
Price: $229.00

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Item Number: DRH200K

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Automatic Ink Refill Machine Starter Kit (Includes Ink)

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SuppliesOutlet.com offers Print-Rite refill machines which can refill a single cartridge in less than 40 seconds and a full set of cartridges in under two minutes. This starter kit also comes with a complete set of ink tanks (pigment black, cyan, magenta, and yellow). These ink tanks include enough ink to refill up to ten cartridges.

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Savings Comparison
 Refill machine & ink set
(up to 10 refills)
No. 21 / 22 Series
Refill machine$229 
Cartridge set $61.00
Ten cartridge sets$229$610.00
Saving w/refill $381 (Save 62%)
Purchase Individual Refill Tanks
Pigment BlackCyanMagentaYellow
Refills the Following Printer Cartridges:
C6656 (No. 56) C6657 (No. 57) C8727A (No. 27) C8728A (No. 28)
C9351AN (No. 21) C9352AN (No. 22)    
Compatible with the Following Printer Models:
DeskJet 3910 DeskJet D1530 DeskJet F2238 DeskJet F4185
DeskJet 3915 DeskJet D1558 DeskJet F2240 Fax 1250
DeskJet 3920 DeskJet D1560 DeskJet F2250 Fax 3180
DeskJet 3930 DeskJet D1568 DeskJet F2275 OfficeJet 4315
DeskJet 3930v DeskJet D2320 DeskJet F2280 OfficeJet 4315v
DeskJet 3940 DeskJet D2330 DeskJet F2288 OfficeJet 4315xi
DeskJet 3940v DeskJet D2345 DeskJet F2290 OfficeJet J3608
DeskJet D1311 DeskJet D2360 DeskJet F300 OfficeJet J3625
DeskJet D1320 DeskJet D2430 DeskJet F310 OfficeJet J3635
DeskJet D1330 DeskJet D2445 DeskJet F325