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  Universal Toner Refill Kit For Canon & HP Toner Cartridges (Includes Toner Hole Making Tool)
Universal Toner Refill Kit & Toner Hole Making Tool For Canon & HP Toner Cartridges
Price: $26.99

Stock Status: In Stock

Item Number: 195-124

Product Details

Universal Toner Refill Kit For Canon & HP Toner Cartridges (Includes Toner Hole Making Tool)

Product Info

SuppliesOutlet.com offers toner refill kit for Canon & HP inkjet printers.

  • A low cost alternative to new or remanufactured cartridges
  • Can yield up to 2 refills
  • SuppliesOutlet.com is the leader in quality compatible printer supplies.

Product Specification
Condition New
Warranty Lifetime Warranty from us & will not void your printer warranty.
Yield Up to two refills
Size 250 grams
Color(s) Black
Refills the Following Printer Cartridges:
Apple A9M0180 Apple M2029G/A Apple M2795G/A Apple M3867G/A
Apple M0089LLA Apple M2045G/A Apple M3755G/A Apple M6002
Apple M0180 Apple M2473G/A Apple M3761G/A Apple M6018G/A
Apple M1960G/A      
Brother EP-ED Brother HL-810HY Brother R64-1002 Brother TN-9000
Brother EPL Brother R64-0002 Brother R74-1004 Brother TN-9500
Brother EPS      
Canon 0264B001AA Canon 6082A028AA Canon EP-P Canon R64-1002-150
Canon 0654A007AA Canon 6812A001AA Canon EP-S Canon R64-2002-100
Canon 106 Canon 8489A001AA Canon EP-W Canon R64-4001-000
Canon 1486A002AA Canon 8489A002AA Canon F41-2302-100/A20 Canon R64-4012
Canon 1501A002AA Canon 8489A003 Canon F41-2602 Canon R74-1002-050
Canon 1524A002AA Canon A20 Canon FX-1 Canon R74-1003-150
Canon 1526A002AA Canon CAR-L Canon FX-2 Canon R74-2003-150
Canon 1529A002AA Canon CARTRIDGE 706 Canon FX-3 Canon R74-3016-150
Canon 1538A002AA Canon EP Canon FX-4 Canon R74-6002-250
Canon 1538A002SS Canon EP-22 Canon FX-5 Canon R74-6003-100
Canon 1548A002AA Canon EP-26 Canon FX-V Canon R74-7001
Canon 1551A002AA Canon EP-27 Canon H11-6221-220 Canon R74-7003-150
Canon 1552A002AA Canon EP-32 Canon H11-6271-220 Canon R74-7013-450
Canon 1556A002BA Canon EP-52 Canon H11-6321-220 Canon R94-6002-150
Canon 1557A002BA Canon EP-62 Canon H11-6381-220 Canon R94-7002-250
Canon 1558A002AA Canon EP-72 Canon H11-6401-220 Canon R94-8002-150
Canon 3710A001AA Canon EP-A Canon L50 Canon R95-6008-700
Canon 3711A001AA Canon EP-E Canon M95-0501-000 Canon S-H1
Canon 3839A002AA Canon EP-H DRUM Canon R34-0002-150 Canon TGP160BLA2
Canon 3842A002AA Canon EP-L Canon R34-0004-000 Canon X25
Canon 3845A002AA Canon EP-N Canon R64-0002-050  
HP 33449-67902 HP C3074 HP C3968A HP Q2613X
HP 33449-67903 HP C3102A HP C3969A HP Q2624A
HP 33449-69007 HP C3103A HP C3973A HP Q2624X
HP 33449-69008 HP C3104A HP C4092A HP Q5942A
HP 33481-67907 HP C3105A HP C4093A HP Q5942AG
HP 33481-67908 HP C3106A HP C4096A HP Q5942X
HP 33481-69007 HP C3107A HP C4127A HP Q5942XD
HP 33481-69008 HP C3108A HP C4127D HP Q5942XG
HP 92274A HP C3109A HP C4127X HP Q5945A
HP 92275A HP C3110A HP C4129X HP Q5945AG
HP 92285A HP C3111A HP C4182X HP Q5949A
HP 92285G HP C3120A HP C7115A HP Q6511A
HP 92291A HP C3141-67910 HP C7115X HP Q6511X
HP 92291X HP C3141-67911 HP C8061A HP RG1-0940-450
HP 92295A HP C3141-69010 HP C8061D HP RG1-1789-220
HP 92295M HP C3141-69011 HP C8061X HP RG5-0047-000
HP 92295Q HP C3900A HP C8543X HP RG5-0455-220
HP 92298A HP C3903A HP H3974 HP RG5-06773-000
HP 92298S HP C3906A HP Q1338A HP RG5-0880-130
HP 92298X HP C3909A HP Q1338D HP RG5-1558-000
HP C2062-67901 HP C3909X HP Q2610A HP RG5-1701-000
HP C2062-69001 HP C3964A HP Q2610D HP RG5-2801-000
HP C2062A HP C3965A HP Q2612A HP RG5-3486
HP C2087-67901 HP C3966A HP Q2612AD HP RY7-5077
HP C2087-69001 HP C3967A HP Q2613A  
IBM 1382140 IBM 63H1981 IBM 63H3776 IBM 63H5721
IBM 1382226 IBM 63H2042 IBM 63H3779 IBM 75P5903
IBM 63H1980 IBM 63H2043    
Konica Minolta
Konica Minolta 1703019-001 Konica Minolta 1710033-001 Konica Minolta 1710146-001 Konica Minolta 950-028
Konica Minolta 1703021-001 Konica Minolta 1710043-001 Konica Minolta 950-025 Konica Minolta 950-029
Konica Minolta 1703023 Konica Minolta 1710081-001 Konica Minolta 950-026 Konica Minolta 950-030
Konica Minolta 1703047 Konica Minolta 1710081-200A Konica Minolta 950-027 Konica Minolta 950-031
Konica Minolta 1710012-001      
Lexmark 11A2375 Lexmark 1361214 Lexmark 1361215 Lexmark 140127A
Xerox 113R5 Xerox 8R3922 Xerox 8R4057  
Other Brands
Acom Computer MC4 DEC LNXX-XA Pitney Bowes 806-1 Tandem 55B98A
Anzac Comp Equip 15110 DEC LPS1X-AA Ricoh 339302 Tandem 55H91A
Anzac Comp Equip 15120 DEC LPS1X-AB Savin 339302 Tandem 55N060
Calcomp CAR-L DEC LPS1X-AC Star Micronics 80986040 Troy Systems 02-17310-001
Calcomp R64-4012-100 GCC AC15032 Star Micronics 80986060 Troy Systems 02-81128-001
Data General 10231 InfoTec 88598634 Star Micronics 80986130 Troy Systems 02-81182-001
Data General 10348 Interface Systems 9400014 Star Micronics 80987070 UniSys 81-9624-966
Data General 18937 NEC 20-070 Star Micronics 87339110 Wang 725-1304
Data General 18938 NewGen 850011-000 Star Micronics 87339120 Wang 725-1305
Datapoint 81114 NewGen 850103-000 Star Micronics EX-40XA Wang 725-1486
DEC LN07X-AA NewGen 850301-000 TallyGenicom 5A1411B02 Wang 725-1486-R
DEC LN09X-AA OCE Imagistics 299 51 100 TallyGenicom R64-0002-850 Wang 725-1692
DEC LN0XX-AA OCE Imagistics 299 51 107 TallyGenicom R64-2002-000 Wang 725-8142
DEC LN14X-AA OCE Imagistics 299 51 108 TallyGenicom R64-4001-000 Xante TON005
DEC LNC1X-AF Olivetti 913072 TallyGenicom R74-1004 Xante TON009
DEC LNXX-AC Pitney Bowes 804-6