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  Universal Toner Refill Kit For Lexmark & IBM Toner Cartridges
Universal Toner Refill Kit For Lexmark & IBM Toner Cartridges
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Item Number: 195-107

Product Details
NOTE: This refill kit requires a toner hole drilling tool

Universal Toner Refill Kit For Lexmark & IBM Toner Cartridges

Product Info offers toner refill kit for Lexmark & IBM inkjet printers.

  • A low cost alternative to new or remanufactured cartridges
  • Can yield up to 2 refills
  • is the leader in quality compatible printer supplies.

Product Specification
Condition New
Warranty Lifetime Warranty from us & will not void your printer warranty.
Yield Up to two refills
Size 250 grams
Color(s) Black
Refills the Following Printer Cartridges:
IBM 3112 Model 001 IBM 4019-E01 IBM 4029 Model 10 IBM 4039 Model 12L Plus
IBM 3116 Model 001 IBM 4028 IBM 4029 Model 10A IBM 4039 Model 12R
IBM 3116 Model 002 IBM 4028 AS1 IBM 4029 Model 10L IBM 4039 Model 12R Plus
IBM 3116 Model 003 IBM 4028 NS1 IBM 4029 Model 10P IBM 4039 Model 16L
IBM 3912 IBM 4029 Model 5E IBM 4039 Model 10R IBM 4039 Model 16L Plus
IBM 3916 IBM 4029 Model 6 IBM 4039 Model 10R/Duplex IBM LaserPrinter 4
IBM 4019 IBM 4029 Model 6A IBM 4039 Model 12L IBM WinWriter 600
IBM 4019-01 IBM 4029 Model 6P    
Lexmark 4029 Model 10 Lexmark 4049 Lexmark Optra Rt Plus Lexmark Optra S 2455
Lexmark 4029 Model 10A Lexmark 4059 Optra S Lexmark Optra Rx Lexmark Optra S 2455n
Lexmark 4029 Model 10L Lexmark 4069 Optra T Lexmark Optra S 1250 Lexmark Optra T610
Lexmark 4029 Model 10P Lexmark Optra L Lexmark Optra S 1250n Lexmark Optra T610n
Lexmark 4029 Model 5E Lexmark Optra Lx Lexmark Optra S 1255 Lexmark Optra T612
Lexmark 4029 Model 6 Lexmark Optra Lx Plus Lexmark Optra S 1255n Lexmark Optra T612n
Lexmark 4029 Model 6A Lexmark Optra Lxi Lexmark Optra S 1620 Lexmark Optra T612s
Lexmark 4029 Model 6P Lexmark Optra Lxi Plus Lexmark Optra S 1620n Lexmark Optra T614
Lexmark 4039 Model 10 Plus Lexmark Optra Lxn Plus Lexmark Optra S 1625 Lexmark Optra T614n
Lexmark 4039 Model 10R Lexmark Optra M410 Lexmark Optra S 1625n Lexmark Optra T614nl
Lexmark 4039 Model 10R/Duplex Lexmark Optra M410n Lexmark Optra S 1650 Lexmark Optra T616
Lexmark 4039 Model 12L Lexmark Optra M412 Lexmark Optra S 1650n Lexmark Optra T616n
Lexmark 4039 Model 12L Plus Lexmark Optra M412n Lexmark Optra S 1855 Lexmark OptraIMAGE 614s
Lexmark 4039 Model 12R Lexmark Optra M412n Solaris Lexmark Optra S 1855n Lexmark OptraIMAGE S 2455m
Lexmark 4039 Model 12R Plus Lexmark Optra R Lexmark Optra S 2420 Lexmark OptraIMAGE T610sx
Lexmark 4039 Model 16L Lexmark Optra R Plus Lexmark Optra S 2420n Lexmark OptraIMAGE T614dx
Lexmark 4039 Model 16L Plus Lexmark Optra R Plus Pro Lexmark Optra S 2450 Lexmark WinWriter 600
Lexmark 4045 Optra M Lexmark Optra Rn Plus Lexmark Optra S 2450n  
Other Brands      
BGL Tech LaserLeader MARK 9110 Facit P 8165 TallyGenicom 7912L UniSys AP 9312
Burroughs/UniSys AP 9210 Facit P 8166 TallyGenicom 7912L CX UniSys AP 9316
Data General 6892T Facit P 8167 TallyGenicom 7912L TX UniSys AP 9510
Data General 6948 Gestetner 6110 TallyGenicom 7912R UniSys AP 9512
Data General 6964 Gestetner 6116 L TallyGenicom 7912R CX UniSys AP 9516-Lx
Data General 6965 Gestetner 6216 TallyGenicom 7912R TX UniSys AP 9516-Rx
Data General 6970 Hasi P810C TallyGenicom 7916L UniSys UDS-12
Decision 1Data 6010 SC Nashuatec 816 TallyGenicom 7916L CX UniSys UDS-15
Decision 1Data 6010 SI Nashuatec 910 TallyGenicom 7916L TX UniSys UDS-17
Decision 1Data 6012 Nashuatec 916L TallyGenicom 7916R UniSys UDS-20
Decision 1Data 6016 Printer Systems IntelliPrint 10 TallyGenicom 7916R CX UniSys UDS-25
Decision 1Data 6110 Rex Rotary 5116 TallyGenicom 7916R TX UniSys UDS-35
Decision 1Data 6112 Sun MicroSystems SparcPrinter II TallyGenicom 7918 L UniSys UDS-9616
Decision 1Data 6116 Sun MicroSystems SparcPrinter E Tandem 5576 UniSys UDS-9712
Decision 1Data 6216 TallyGenicom 7612 i Tandem 5578 UniSys UDS-9716
Decision 1Data 6224S Plus TallyGenicom 7910 UniSys AP 9205 UniSys UDS-9718
Facit D 8103 TallyGenicom 7910 CX UniSys AP 9210 UniSys UDS-9724
Facit P 8100 TallyGenicom 7910 TX UniSys AP 9310 Wang LDP-10
Facit P 8103 D      

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