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!!DISCONTINUED!! HP/Compaq AC Adapter, 239705-001 (18.5 Volt, 3.5 Amp, 65 Watt, 4.8mm x 1.7mm Black Tip)
!!DISCONTINUED!! HP/Compaq AC Adapter, 239705-001 (18.5 Volt, 3.5 Amp, 65 Watt, 4.8mm x 1.7mm Black Tip)
Price: $19.99

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Item Number: HP05

Product Details
Condition: brand new OEM Equivalent
Output Voltage: 18.5 Volts
Output Watts: 65 Watts
Output Amp: 3.5 Amps
Connector Tip Specs: 4.8mm x 1.7mm Black Tip
Input Voltage: 100-240V 50/60 Hz (Worldwide Compatible)
Warranty: 1 Year Warranty

NEW HP COMPAQ laptop AC adapter rated at 18.5V, 3.5A, 65W.
Replacement laptop AC adapter is guaranteed to meet or exceed original HP COMPAQ laptop AC adapter specifications.
AC adapter is supplied with a U.S. 3-prong power cord.

Replaces the Following Manufacturer Numbers:


Fits the Following Laptop Models:

Armada 110Pavilion DV4129USPresario V2001
Armada E700Pavilion DV4130Presario V2002
Armada M700Pavilion DV4130USPresario V2003
Evo N1000Pavilion DV4150Presario V2004
Evo N1000cPavilion DV4150CAPresario V2005
Evo N110Pavilion DV4150USPresario V2006
Evo N150Pavilion DV4155Presario V2007
Evo N200Pavilion DV4155CLPresario V2008
Evo N400CPavilion DV4155USPresario V2009
Evo N410CPavilion DV4165Presario V2010
Evo N600Pavilion DV4165CLPresario V2016
Evo N600CPavilion DV4170Presario V2017
Evo N610CPavilion DV4170CAPresario V2018
Evo N620cPavilion DV4170USPresario V2019
Evo N800Pavilion DV4200Presario V2020
Evo N800CPavilion DV4210Presario V2021
Evo N800VPavilion DV4217Presario V2022
Evo N800WPavilion DV4217CLPresario V2023
Pavilion 1530USPavilion DV4220Presario V2024
Pavilion DV1000Pavilion DV4223Presario V2025
Pavilion DV1001Pavilion DV4223CLPresario V2026
Pavilion DV1001APPavilion DV4230Presario V2027
Pavilion DV1001XX MV IURPavilion DV4230usPresario V2028
Pavilion DV1002Pavilion DV4250Presario V2029
Pavilion DV1002APPavilion DV4250CAPresario V2030
Pavilion DV1002XX MV IURPavilion DV4250USPresario V2031
Pavilion DV1003Pavilion DV4253Presario V2032
Pavilion DV1004Pavilion DV4253USPresario V2033
Pavilion DV1004APPavilion DV4257Presario V2034
Pavilion DV1005Pavilion DV4257USPresario V2035
Pavilion DV1006Pavilion DV4269Presario V2036
Pavilion DV1006APPavilion DV4269USPresario V2037
Pavilion DV1007Pavilion DV4270Presario V2038
Pavilion DV1008Pavilion DV4270CAPresario V2039
Pavilion DV1009Pavilion DV4270USPresario V2040
Pavilion DV1009APPavilion DV4272Presario V2041
Pavilion DV1009XX MVPavilion DV4272USPresario V2069
Pavilion DV1010Pavilion DV4300Presario V2100
Pavilion DV1010APPavilion DV4305Presario V2110
Pavilion DV1010CAPavilion DV4305USPresario V2110CA
Pavilion DV1010USPavilion DV4307Presario V2110US
Pavilion DV1011Pavilion DV4307CAPresario V2130
Pavilion DV1012Pavilion DV4307CLPresario V2135
Pavilion DV1012LAPavilion DV4308Presario V2135US
Pavilion DV1013Pavilion DV4308WMPresario V2140
Pavilion DV1014Pavilion DV4310Presario V2140CA
Pavilion DV1014APPavilion DV4310USPresario V2140US
Pavilion DV1014LAPavilion DV4320Presario V2146
Pavilion DV1015Pavilion DV4320USPresario V2146CL
Pavilion DV1015APPavilion DV4330Presario V2150
Pavilion DV1015LAPavilion DV4330CAPresario V2150US
Pavilion DV1016Pavilion DV4330USPresario V2300
Pavilion DV1017Pavilion DV4340Presario V2304
Pavilion DV1018Pavilion DV4340CAPresario V2304US
Pavilion DV1019Pavilion DV4340USPresario V2305
Pavilion DV1020Pavilion DV4400Presario V2305CA
Pavilion DV1021Pavilion DV4401Presario V2305US
Pavilion DV1021APPavilion DV4420Presario V2306
Pavilion DV1022Pavilion DV5000Presario V2306US
Pavilion DV1022APPavilion DV5001Presario V2309
Pavilion DV1023Pavilion DV5003Presario V2309US
Pavilion DV1024Pavilion DV5003CLPresario V2310
Pavilion DV1024APPavilion DV5010Presario V2310CA
Pavilion DV1024LAPavilion DV5017Presario V2310US
Pavilion DV1025Pavilion DV5017CLPresario V2311
Pavilion DV1025APPavilion DV5020Presario V2311US
Pavilion DV1025LAPavilion DV5020CAPresario V2312
Pavilion DV1026Pavilion DV5020USPresario V2312US
Pavilion DV1027Pavilion DV5029Presario V2320
Pavilion DV1028Pavilion DV5029USPresario V2321
Pavilion DV1029Pavilion DV5030Presario V2321US
Pavilion DV1029APPavilion DV5030USPresario V2330
Pavilion DV1030Pavilion DV5040Presario V2335
Pavilion DV1030APPavilion DV5040USPresario V2335US
Pavilion DV1031Pavilion DV5100Presario V2400
Pavilion DV1031APPavilion DV5110Presario V2401
Pavilion DV1032Pavilion DV5110USPresario V2401CL
Pavilion DV1033Pavilion DV5120Presario V2402
Pavilion DV1034Pavilion DV5120USPresario V2402US
Pavilion DV1034APPavilion DV5123Presario V2403
Pavilion DV1040Pavilion DV5123CLPresario V2403NR
Pavilion DV1040CAPavilion DV8000Presario V2403US
Pavilion DV1040USPavilion DV8000 CTOPresario V2404
Pavilion DV1042Pavilion DV8005Presario V2404US
Pavilion DV1044Pavilion DV8010Presario V2405
Pavilion DV1045Pavilion DV8013Presario V2405CA
Pavilion DV1045LAPavilion DV8013CLPresario V2405US
Pavilion DV1049Pavilion DV8026EAPresario V2409
Pavilion DV1049CLPavilion DV8040Presario V2409US
Pavilion DV1050Pavilion DV8040CAPresario V2410
Pavilion DV1050USPavilion DV8040USPresario V2410CA
Pavilion DV1060Pavilion DV8045Presario V2410CL
Pavilion DV1060USPavilion DV8080Presario V2410US
Pavilion DV1061Pavilion DV8088Presario V2413
Pavilion DV1063Pavilion DV8088USPresario V2413US
Pavilion DV1064Pavilion DV8100Presario V2414
Pavilion DV1065Pavilion DV8110Presario V2414NR
Pavilion DV1065USPavilion DV8110USPresario V2419
Pavilion DV1066Pavilion DV8113Presario V2419US
Pavilion DV1067Pavilion DV8113CLPresario V2424
Pavilion DV1071Pavilion DV8120Presario V2424NR
Pavilion DV1074Pavilion DV8120CAPresario V2500
Pavilion DV1075Pavilion DV8120USPresario V2508
Pavilion DV1300Pavilion DV8123Presario V2508WM
Pavilion DV1310Pavilion DV8123CLPresario V2552
Pavilion DV1310USPavilion DV8125Presario V2552US
Pavilion DV1311Pavilion DV8125NRPresario V2555
Pavilion DV1311SEPavilion DV8130Presario V2555CA
Pavilion DV1315Pavilion DV8130USPresario V2555US
Pavilion DV1315CLPavilion DV8135nrPresario V2565
Pavilion DV1320Pavilion DV8140Presario V2565CA
Pavilion DV1320USPavilion DV8140USPresario V2565US
Pavilion DV1321usPavilion DV8155Presario V2570
Pavilion DV1330Pavilion DV8200Presario V2570CA
Pavilion DV1330CAPavilion ze4900Presario V2570NR
Pavilion DV1330USPavilion zt3000Presario V2575
Pavilion DV1340Presario 1370USPresario V2575CA
Pavilion DV1340USPresario 2200Presario V2575US
Pavilion DV1400Presario 2800Presario V2582
Pavilion DV1410Presario 2800CAPresario V2582US
Pavilion DV1410USPresario 2800TPresario V2600
Pavilion DV1411Presario 2800USPresario V2610
Pavilion DV1411SEPresario 2801Presario V2610US
Pavilion DV1420Presario 2801CLPresario V2630
Pavilion DV1420USPresario 2805Presario V2630US
Pavilion DV1427usPresario 2805USPresario V2640
Pavilion DV1430Presario 2806Presario V2640NR
Pavilion DV1430USPresario 2806CLPresario V2665
Pavilion DV1432Presario 2810Presario V2665US
Pavilion DV1432USPresario 2810CAPresario V2698
Pavilion DV1435Presario 2810EAPresario V2699
Pavilion DV1439Presario 2811Presario V4000
Pavilion DV1439USPresario 2811CAPresario V4000z
Pavilion DV1440Presario 2811CLPresario V4001
Pavilion DV1440USPresario 2811EAPresario V4002
Pavilion DV1500Presario 2815Presario V4003
Pavilion DV1510Presario 2815EAPresario V4004
Pavilion DV1510CAPresario 2816Presario V4005
Pavilion DV1510USPresario 2816EAPresario V4005CL
Pavilion DV1515Presario 2878Presario V4015
Pavilion DV1515CLPresario 2878CLPresario V4015US
Pavilion DV1519Presario 2879Presario V4020
Pavilion DV1519USPresario 2879CLPresario V4020US
Pavilion DV1520Presario 2880Presario V4025
Pavilion DV1520CAPresario 2880CLPresario V4025US
Pavilion DV1520USPresario 2881Presario V4035
Pavilion DV1530Presario 2881CLPresario V4035CA
Pavilion DV1530CAPresario M2000Presario V4035US
Pavilion DV1532Presario M2001Presario V5000
Pavilion DV1532USPresario M2005Presario V6000
Pavilion DV1540Presario M2005USPresario x1000
Pavilion DV1540CAPresario M2007Presario X1001US
Pavilion DV1540USPresario M2007USPresario x1010CA
Pavilion DV1550Presario M2010Presario X1010US
Pavilion DV1550SEPresario M2010CAPresario X1200
Pavilion DV1580Presario M2010USPresario X1201
Pavilion DV1580SEPresario M2015Presario X1201US
Pavilion DV4000Presario M2015CLPresario X1210
Pavilion DV4005Presario M2070Presario X1210CA
Pavilion DV4005USPresario M2070USPresario X1210US
Pavilion DV4010Presario M2099Presario X1220
Pavilion DV4015Presario M2100Presario X1220US
Pavilion DV4015CLPresario M2101Presario X1230
Pavilion DV4018Presario M2101USPresario X1230US
Pavilion DV4018CLPresario M2105Presario X1300
Pavilion DV4020Presario M2105CAPresario X1300 Series
Pavilion DV4020usPresario M2105USPresario X1301
Pavilion DV4030Presario M2108Presario X1301US
Pavilion DV4030CAPresario M2108USPresario X1360
Pavilion DV4030USPresario M2200Presario X1360CA
Pavilion DV4040Presario M2300Presario X1360CL
Pavilion DV4040CAPresario M2400Presario X1370
Pavilion DV4040USPresario M2401Presario X1390
Pavilion DV4100Presario M2401XTPresario X1390US
Pavilion DV4125Presario V2000Presario X1397US
Pavilion DV4125USPresario V2000tPresario X1937
Pavilion DV4129Presario V2000z
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