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  HP IQ2392A Remanufactured AQUEOUS Black Inkjet Cartridge 5 Pack ($12.9/ea, Save $5)
HP IQ2392A Ink Cartridge 5-Pack
Price: $64.59

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Item Number: RIQ2392AVB

Product Details

HP IQ2392A Ink Cartridge 5-Pack Value Bundle, Remanufactured

Product Info

HP IQ2392A AQUEOUS Remanufactured Industrial Printing Ink Cartridge Value Bundle (5-Pack)

This cartridge is used for general purpose high-speed & high-resolution needs. Campares to HP IQ2392A AQUEOUS Black.
The HP IQ2392A AQUEOUS Black Print Cartridge achieves high-speed printing, yet maintains superior print quality and dry time requirements on porous and coated media.

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We are so confident in our IQ2392A Remanufactured cartridges that we back it up with a 1-Year 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Product Specification
ConditionOEM Equivalent with new & recycled components.
Page Yield42Milleter Capacity. Page Yield N/A (5-Pack)
OEM Part(s) IQ2392A C9007A C9050A
Compatible with the Following Printer Models
P3 PM3 P4 P6
CKX OfficeJet PhotoSmart 378
380 500 750
AMS Astro
Astrojet Image Blaster
Color StyleWriter 6500
TM300P 2800P 500P 3600P
3800P 1000 1000P 2650P
IB9000 Imaging System II
9K 9K-L 11K 13K
13KC 22K 24K 24K-P / PC
26K 30K BryceJet Mach 1
Apollo BK 41B 60B 600C
Turnkey System
Data Pac
DP 200W 240B Astro Machine
DP2000 PrintStream I PrintStream II
FP Mailing Solutions
Envelope Imager CS 1.5 2.5 2XP
Hasler Printers
Hasler HJ 700 710 830 930
960 990 HJPAS
Kirk Rudy
Winkjet Netjet
Science 1000PS
VideoJet Printmail
Array Imaging Systems MCS Pro
DC-2 PF-2 Print Factory
AS-73 AS-223 AS-225 AS-226
AS-268 AS-700 AS-710 AS-830
AS-930 SA50 SA60
Jet Mail
Pitney Bowes
AddressRight DA400 AddressRight DA500 AddressRight DA550 AddressRight DA550e
AddressRight DA700 AddressRight DA750 AddressRight DA750e AddressRight DA900
AddressRight DA950 AddressRight W400 AddressRight W660 AddressRight W661
AddressRight W680 AddressRight W707 AddressRight W790 AddressRight W803
AddressRight W990 Color Copier 110 Color Copier 190 Color Copier 210
Color Copier 240 Color Copier 260 Color Copier 270 Color Copier 280
Deskjet 1000 Deskjet 1100 Deskjet 1200 Deskjet 1600
Deskjet 700 Deskjet 800