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HP 45 Ink Cartridges provides high quality compatible & OEM printer cartridges that replace HP 45 ink cartridges. Our compatible HP 45 ink cartridges are guaranteed to meet or exceed the factory cartridge specifications, and are backed by our Lifetime Cartridge Warranty.

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HP 51645A (HP 45) Ink Cartridge
HP 51645A (HP 45) Remanufactured Black Ink Cartridge
Price: $8.99

HP 51645A (HP 45) remanufactured black ink cartridge prints up to 600 pages at 5% coverage. Fits HP Color Copier 110, 120, DeskJet 820, 850, OfficeJet Pro 1150 series printers.
Compatible with the Following Printer Models
Color Copier 110 DeskJet 712 DeskJet 930 OfficeJet K60xi
Color Copier 120 DeskJet 712C DeskJet 9300 OfficeJet K80
Color Copier 140 DeskJet 720 DeskJet 930C OfficeJet K80xi
Color Copier 145 DeskJet 720C DeskJet 932 OfficeJet Pro 1150
Color Copier 150 DeskJet 722 DeskJet 932C OfficeJet Pro 1150C
Color Copier 155 DeskJet 722C DeskJet 935 OfficeJet Pro 1150Cse
Color Copier 160 DeskJet 782 DeskJet 935C OfficeJet Pro 1150Cxi
Color Copier 170 DeskJet 782C DeskJet 950 OfficeJet Pro 1170
Color Copier 180 DeskJet 815 DeskJet 950C OfficeJet Pro 1170C
Color Copier 190 DeskJet 815C DeskJet 952 OfficeJet Pro 1170Cse
Color Copier 210 DeskJet 820 DeskJet 952C OfficeJet Pro 1170Cxi
Color Copier 210Lx DeskJet 820C DeskJet 960 OfficeJet Pro 1175
Color Copier 260 DeskJet 820Cse DeskJet 960Cse OfficeJet Pro 1175C
Color Copier 270 DeskJet 820Cxi DeskJet 960Cxi OfficeJet Pro 1175Cse
Color Copier 280 DeskJet 830 DeskJet 970 OfficeJet Pro 1175Cxi
Color Copier 290 DeskJet 830C DeskJet 970C OfficeJet R40
DesignJet 700 DeskJet 832 DeskJet 970Cse OfficeJet R60
DesignJet 750c Plus DeskJet 832C DeskJet 970Cxi OfficeJet V40
DesignJet 750cm DeskJet 850 DeskJet 990C OfficeJet V40xi
DeskJet 1000 DeskJet 850C DeskJet 990cm PhotoSmart 1000
DeskJet 1000cse DeskJet 855 DeskJet 990Cse PhotoSmart 1100
DeskJet 1000cxi DeskJet 855C DeskJet 990cxi PhotoSmart 1100xi
DeskJet 1100 DeskJet 855Cse DeskJet 995 PhotoSmart 1115
DeskJet 1100C DeskJet 855Cxi DeskJet 995C PhotoSmart 1115cvr
DeskJet 1120C DeskJet 870 DeskJet 995ck PhotoSmart 1215
DeskJet 1120cse DeskJet 870C Fax 1220 PhotoSmart 1215vm
DeskJet 1120cxi DeskJet 870Cse Fax 1220xi PhotoSmart 1218
DeskJet 1220C DeskJet 870Cxi OfficeJet 1170 PhotoSmart 1218xi
DeskJet 1220c-ps DeskJet 880 OfficeJet 1170C PhotoSmart 1315
DeskJet 1220cse DeskJet 880C OfficeJet 5110 PhotoSmart 1315vm
DeskJet 1220cxi DeskJet 882 OfficeJet 5110A2l PhotoSmart P1000
DeskJet 1600 DeskJet 882C OfficeJet 5110v PhotoSmart P1000 Series
DeskJet 1600c DeskJet 890 OfficeJet 5110xi PhotoSmart P1000xi
DeskJet 1600cm DeskJet 890C OfficeJet G55 PhotoSmart P1100
DeskJet 1600cn DeskJet 890Cse OfficeJet G55xi PhotoSmart P1100 Series
DeskJet 6122 DeskJet 890cxi OfficeJet G85 PhotoSmart P1100xi
DeskJet 6127 DeskJet 895 OfficeJet G85xi PhotoSmart P2100
DeskJet 710 DeskJet 895cse OfficeJet G95 PhotoSmart P2100xi
DeskJet 710C DeskJet 895Cxi OfficeJet K60
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