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  !!DISCONTINUED!! Acer TravelMate C300/2410/Aspire 3020/BTP-63D1 Series Battery (14.8V, 4400mAh, 8 Cells)

Price: $39.99

Stock Status:(Out of Stock)

Item Number: AC63D1

Product Details
Condition: brand new OEM Equivalent
Voltage: 14.8 Volts
Capacity: 4400 mAh 
Battery Type: Li-ion 8 Cells

Warranty: 1 Year Warranty
100% New replacement laptop battery for Acer TravelMate C300/2410/Aspire 3020.
Replacement laptop battery is guaranteed to meet or exceed original Acer TravelMate C300/2410/Aspire 3020 Series laptop battery specifications.

Fits the Following Laptop Models:

Aspire 3020TravelMate 2412LMiTravelMate C301XCi
Aspire 3020LMiTravelMate 2412NLCTravelMate C301XCi-G
Aspire 3020WLMiTravelMate 2412NLMTravelMate C301XM
Aspire 3021WLMiTravelMate 2413LCTravelMate C301Xmi
Aspire 3022LMiTravelMate 2413LCiTravelMate C301XMib
Aspire 3022WLMTravelMate 2413LMTravelMate C302
Aspire 3022WLMiTravelMate 2413LMiTravelMate C302
Aspire 3023LMiTravelMate 2413NLCTravelMate C302MXi
Aspire 3023WLMTravelMate 2413NLCiTravelMate C302XC
Aspire 3023WLMiTravelMate 2413NLMTravelMate C302XCi
Aspire 3025WLMTravelMate 2413NLMiTravelMate C302Xmi
Aspire 3025WLMiTravelMate 2413NWLCiTravelMate C302XMib
Aspire 3610TravelMate 2413NWLMTravelMate C302XMi-G
Aspire 3610WLMiTravelMate 2413NWLMiTravelMate C303
Aspire 3612LCTravelMate 2413WLCTravelMate C303XC
Aspire 3612LCiTravelMate 2413WLCiTravelMate C303XCi
Aspire 3613LCTravelMate 2413WLMTravelMate C303XM
Aspire 3613LCiTravelMate 2413WLMiTravelMate C303XMi
Aspire 3613NWLCiTravelMate 2414LMiTravelMate C303XMib
Aspire 3613WLCiTravelMate 2414WLMTravelMate C310
Aspire 3613WLMiTravelMate 2414WLMiTravelMate C310XC
Aspire 3614WLMiTravelMate 2419LCiTravelMate C310XCi
Aspire 5020TravelMate 2419NLCiTravelMate C310XM
Aspire 5020LCiTravelMate 4400TravelMate C310XMi
Aspire 5020LMiTravelMate 4400LCiTravelMate C311
Aspire 5021LCiTravelMate 4400LMiTravelMate C311XC
Aspire 5021LMiTravelMate 4400WLCiTravelMate C311XCi
Aspire 5021NWLCiTravelMate 4400WLMiTravelMate C311XM
Aspire 5021WLCiTravelMate 4401LCiTravelMate C311XMi
Aspire 5021WLMTravelMate 4401LMiTravelMate C312
Aspire 5021WLMiTravelMate 4401WLMiTravelMate C312XC
Aspire 5022NWLMiTravelMate 4402LCiTravelMate C312XCi
Aspire 5022WLMTravelMate 4402LMiTravelMate C312XM
Aspire 5022WLMiTravelMate 4402WLMTravelMate C312XMi
Aspire 5023WLMiTravelMate 4402WLMiTravelMate C313
Aspire 5024LMiTravelMate 4404LMiTravelMate C313XC
Aspire 5024WLCiTravelMate 4405WLMiTravelMate C313XCi
Aspire 5024WLMTravelMate C300TravelMate C313XM
Aspire 5024WLMiTravelMate C300XciTravelMate C313XMi
Aspire 5025WLMiTravelMate C300XCi-GTravelMate C314
TravelMate 2410TravelMate C300XMTravelMate C314XC
TravelMate 2410WLMiTravelMate C300XMiTravelMate C314XCi
TravelMate 2412LCTravelMate C300XMibTravelMate C314XM
TravelMate 2412LCiTravelMate C301TravelMate C314XMi
TravelMate 2412LMTravelMate C301 Series 

Replaces the Following Manufacturer Numbers:

100% Guarantee  ✔ Same day shipping for orders placed by 7pm (EST)
✔ 100% New Components - Never refurbished, recycled or used!
✔ "A" Grade Cells
✔ Full year performance guarantee... Buy with CONFIDENCE!
✔ 100% OEM Compatible - Guaranteed to meet the specifications of your original battery or adapter
Certifications Nearly all our products have these certifications!

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